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Top 15 Low Stress High Paying Jobs

We spend a considerable amount of our time at work and thus it’s important to be happy and motivated at the workplace so that you are all charged up once you go back home to your friends and family. 

Any stress at the workplace is automatically carried home and affects your relationship with your near and dear ones. An ideal job is one that not only pays considerably well but also does not give too much of a pressure or stress. And so, almost everyone wishes to find least stressful jobs that pay well.

Well, you may come across many highly paying jobs but they are highly stressful and may cause health concerns and thus should be avoided. Ideally, in any job an  individual should be able to enjoy the perfect work life balance without any kind of stress or regret, but unfortunately the current job market doesn’t seem to have such provisions. So, finding and landing good paying low stress jobs is a tricky business.

On the other hand, if you are at the threshold of your career, or looking to switch your current job with a low stress well paying career, a little research to discover highest paying least stressful jobs can be a game changer.

Honestly, no job comes with zero stress, but there are certainly some of the highest paying jobs that come with low stress levels. And, this article will discuss top 15 high paying low stress jobs.

Let’s see, what are some of the best low stress high paying jobs that offer financial freedom along with physical and mental wellbeing.

1- Orthodontists

They are dental specialists who specialize in the diagnosis, prevention and correction of dental malocclusions and other teeth anomalies. As it is a highly specialized job, the average pay of an orthodontist is $223,226.

2- Economists

The role of economists is critical to formulating the monetary and fiscal policies of government or big organizations. They provide their services in conducting surveys, preparing reports and formulating plans that help an organization achieve its financial goals. The average salary in this profession is $110,377 per year.

3- Art Directors

They are the people who are overall responsible for the visual styles and images that you often see in newspapers, magazines, movies, product packaging etc and they play a key role in visual communication for brands, organizations or individuals. The average salary in this profession is $101,836.

4- Mathematicians

A mathematician is also a qualified subject expert who has extensive knowledge of maths and enables the application of various mathematical tools and techniques into various fields including management, science etc. The average salary of a mathematician is around $99,700.

5- Physicists 

A physicist is a qualified expert of the subject and assists in applying his knowledge in achieving various practical or theoretical goals of institutions, projects etc. The average salary in this job is around $98,000.

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6- Statisticians

These are also highly qualified professionals who use various statistical theories or models to analyze and interpret data so as to reach logical conclusions. They find their utilization in various fields like research, healthcare, environment, sports etc. Average salary of a statistician in the US is $96,510.

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7- Post-Secondary Education Teachers

It is a popular choice for people who are seeking a low stress high paying job. Postsecondary teachers are employed at various colleges and educational institutions to teach a wide range of academic as well as career oriented subjects. The mean salary in this profession is $83,810.

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8- Bio Engineers

This innovative field relies on the application of the principles of engineering to the field of medicine and biology. Bio engineers apply the engineering principles in the design, development as well as execution of various health and other projects. The average salary in this field is $83,762 per year. 

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9- Agricultural Engineers

This field is concerned with the design, construction as well as improvement of the agricultural machinery, equipment and processes. Agricultural engineers integrate technology with farming to make the entire farming process more efficient. The average salary of an agricultural engineer is around $80,720.

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10- Petroleum Engineers

This category of engineers plays an important role in finding oil and gas to meet the energy needs for a greater population. Petroleum engineers are tasked to design and develop various methods of extraction of natural resources from earth’s surface in a safe and sound manner and they earn around $77,832 per year on an average. 

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11- Geoscientists

The role of geoscientists focuses on the earth’s system including the structure, composition as well as other physical aspects. Geoscientists are often utilized for discovery and extraction of natural resources like oil, gas etc as well as studying critical areas like seismology, volcanology etc. An average geoscientist gets paid around $67,560 in a year. 

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12- Technical Writers

They are professional writers who have expertise in writing journal articles, product manuals, guides, website content etc. They are the wordsmiths that provide the intended message to the audience in an easy and simple manner so that they can understand or interpret it easily. The average salary of a technical writer is $67,483 per year. 

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13- Food Scientists

They are widely in demand in FMCG, research and government sectors and are tasked to research and develop various food ingredients so as to make them fit for human consumption. Their knowledge is used to improve the production, processing as well as packaging of food and the mean salary of this profession is $65,776 per year. 

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14- Research Analysts

The main job role of a research analyst is to collate, analyze, interpret and present relevant data to various departments including marketing, operations, sales etc in an organization. This role requires good quantitative, logical and analytical skills and is in great demand. On an average a research analyst earns $65,320 per year.

15- Business Managers of Celebrities & Athletes

This is one of the highest paying jobs without a degree. Even though there is no specific educational requirement for this role it involves a lot of sales and marketing acumen.  The role of these managers is to manage athletes and artists and push sponsorship deals and contracts. The salary in this profession can vary widely depending upon the popularity of the celebrity or athlete. 

The Bottom Line

The list above highlights some of the top paying jobs with little stress associated with them, but if you are someone who is doing any of the above jobs and is not liking his work, the job can be highly stressful. No job is stress free, but if you pursue a career in something that you love doing, you are surely going to beat the stress at all points!