10 Highly Paying Careers in Pakistan with Least Educational Requirements

Despite having a low literacy rate, stagnant job market and restricted career options, Pakistan still promises people with limited education numerous opportunities to earn. By making a few smart choices, anybody who doesn’t have a strong educational background can earn as much as a Masters Degree holder can – even higher. The only trick is to find your hidden capabilities and explore your talent. Is there something you’re good at that you can find a niche for? Read More

25 Home Based Businesses & Jobs That Can Earn You More Than You Think


During recession or else in growing economy, working from home is always a great option. At one end it saves your traveling time and cost and on other you get extra time to work, enjoy or rest. According to an estimate you save fuel of about 50,000 PKR to 75,000 PKR per year working from home (The speed with which fuel prices are increasing, this amount will go beyond these estimates).

In this scenario, when you need spend money with a great care, thinking about work from home jobs can really save you. Let’s check out what are the highest paying home based options without investment or else with smaller investment.

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