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How to Start Freelance Writing Career Instantly

For some, writing is making money instantly, but for many others it’s not just a seasonal money making option, rather it’s a highly rewarding career.  Only those will op freelance writing as a career, who love to share experiences, personal, professional or just any other and they’re just passionate about writing.

If you’re the one who want to opt freelance writing as a career, but don’t really know where to start, following check list will help you to take a start:

how to start freelance writing career instantly

  1. Identify the Niche: Find what you can write well at, i.e. it can be your interest, expertise or may be some field that you want to explore. Identifying the niche is the first and most important step in freelance writing career. You may be double minded about many things, but focus on what you’re best at. You can have multiple expertises later, but take a start with one only.
  2. Have a Business Plan in Mind: Wait, it’s not about documenting anything, but just to have a clear understanding of how you’re going to get the projects.  It needs a good market search, getting connected to the potential clients and of course getting ready with pitch with which you’re going to target clients.
  3. Get your Portfolio Ready: Remember that you won’t get good projects until you have an impressive portfolio; so do write a couple of articles on content hubs like, etc. It may seem a bit of hard work, but you need to open a shop to sell something!
  4. Get Projects: This is when you’re done with above three requirements. Keep an eye on all the sites from where you’ll get good projects. Create and accounts at Freelancing sites and start bidding.
  5. Have a Learning Attitude: It’s definitely going to explore new avenues of freelance writing for you. Stopping learning means freezing your career.

Freelance writing is no doubt one of the recession proof and a highly rewarding career, but you need real hard work, passion, and time to grow here. Be consistent and you’re the winner!