careers with degree in geography

Geography is one of the toughest fields of study and work; it doesn’t mean to scare students, but to realize the fact that if you decide to opt for Geography as specialization, you must make sure you can adjust yourself within the tough environment.

When it comes for jobs with degree in Geography the list is not small, but most of the entry level jobs need extreme mental and physical energies and only after a tough competition you happen to make it to higher positions. Whether you are working in the war room of a royal navy vessel or managing an environment agency, running housing schemes etc, the degree in geography is your key to knowledge and your ambitions, key to your success.

Geography degree lets you choose from a variety of career options. Selection of a degree if is based on job of interest ensures a successful career. So if you think you should go for a degree in Geography, must explore the occupations it offers.

Review the complete range of professions with degree in Geography. Identify your line of work, review employment opportunities and then pursue your Bachelors or Masters degree in Geography.

  • Urban Planner
  • Community Developer
  • Cartographer
  • GIS Specialist
  • Climatologist
  • Transportation Planning Manager
  • Environmental Planning Manager
  • Writer/Researcher
  • Librarian/Information Scientist
  • National Park Service Ranger
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Demographer
  • Commercial/Residential surveyor
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Geographical Information Systems Officer
  • Planning And Development Surveyor
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Town Planner
  • International Aid/Development Worker
  • Logistics and Distribution Manager
  • Market Researcher
  • Transport Planner
  • Area Specialist
  • Emergency Management Planner
  • Environmental Planner
  • GIS Analyst
  • GIS Specialist
  • Location Analyst
  • Remote Sensing Analyst
  • City Planner
  • Geological Assistant
  • Development Analyst
  • Country or Rural Planner
  • Recycling Manager
  • Weather Analyst
  • Soil Conservationist
  • Landscape Architect