A smooth process to increase productivity in the workplace is something desirable by every micro or macro business for healthy and successful results. It involves workforces placing their foot forward and doing the best job possible for increasing productivity in the workplace.

Every business should have recognized goals at increasing productivity in the workplace. As organizational efficiency and productivity in the workplace are all related to employees’ productivity; the more productive the employees are the more it will be easy for the organization to boost profits, improve business relationships, meet customer demands and remain competitive.

When productivity in the workplace diminishes, it has a huge Domino Effect on the whole business and also affects employee wellbeing and may become the major cause of workplace stress. Moreover, business profitability and retention rates are also significantly affected.

Acording to a recent U.S Bureau Labor Report, employee productivity in the workplace has been dwindling in recent years. Though organizations are trying their hard to increase workplace productivity, there can be times when employees have to act proactively and improve productivity at the workplace without waiting for the organization to intervene.

increase productivity in the workplace

This article will discuss the five important tips for employees and workers to increase their productivity in the workplace on their own.

How to Measure Productivity in the Workplace?

If you have a manager or a supervisor, they can measure your productivity, but if you are working alone, here are some ways to measure your workplace productivity.

  • Measure the number of sales.
  • Measure goals meet.
  • Measure profits.
  • Measure the amount and quality of work completed.
  • Measure time spent.

However, increasing productivity in a workplace can be a bit difficult and challenging, depending on the job profile and complexity of tasks. Let’s explore the five options that can help almost everyone to measure their own performance and increase productivity in the workplace on their own.

Tips to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

1- Prepare the TO- DO List: 

Preparing a TO-DO list each day is a precious tip to increase productivity in the workplace, especially if you are an independent worker or a freelancer to stay motivated. It will help you to get organized, focused and will reward you with the feeling of satisfaction when you will be able to check off things that you have accomplished. While making or updating a TO-DO list, this will help you in not wasting time looking for your task at the start of the workday. 

Leo Wildrich, co-founder of Buffer, explains: “TO-DO list I jotted down didn’t change, but it felt as I had done half of the work of it already in my mind. The next day, all I had to do is to look at the task and get it done”.

When you are preparing your TO-DO list ask yourself two questions;

  • What are the most important tasks?
  • How many of these important tasks I can accomplish realistically or make significant progress on them?

2- Eliminate Distractions

It’s very important to stay focused while working to increase productivity in the workplace, therefore: eliminate as many physical as well as digital distractions as possible. You may have to deal with background distractions by your co-workers & devices or mobile phones and social media notifications can create a huge distraction. 

To resolve this issue, your co-workers in the office should try using soundproof headphones and also encourage them to turn off their mobile phones’ and email’ notifications and allow them some time to check for messages. In return, you will be more focused, concentrated, and productive in the workplace.

Nilofer Merchant, the founder of Rubicon Consulting, shared advice: “Lots of things are right in front of you (pecking around, making noise, and demanding attention). It’s easy to pay attention to them the most and first, but IGNORE THEM. They will actually do fine without you”. 

3- Stop Multitasking

It’s very important to stop multitasking to increase productivity in the workplace because multitasking is a productivity killer

Research shows that productivity declines as much as 40% when people switch tasks and create mental blocks for them.

So stop trying to do everything at once and organize and prioritize your tasks according to the “important urgent matrix” below to stop multitasking.

  • Do first: You should focus on doing both urgent and important tasks first on the same day like deadline driven projects.
  • Plan: Plan the tasks which are not urgent but important like prevention, relationship building, distinguishing new opportunities, planning & reformation to increase your productivity in the workplace.
  • Delegate: You should delegate those tasks to others which are urgent but not important like emails, calls, meetings, disruptions and pressing matters.
  • Eliminate: Try not to do those tasks on the same day which are neither urgent nor important e.g.  Unimportant calls and emails and pleasant activities.

4- Take Breaks When Necessary

It’s not necessary for you to be busy every minute of the whole workday. In fact, staying busy for the whole workday can create exhaustion and stress that’s why it’s very important to take occasional breaks when necessary to increase productivity in the workplace.

You can give yourself a break of 10-15 minutes with exercise or any physical activity to feel relaxed and re-energized. Studies have shown that this enhances brain function, gives you improved concentration, more creativity, faster learning and you will also find it easier to get along with others. 

A Leeds Metropolitan University study found that 65% of workers who used their company gym at lunchtime were more productive.

5- Use the Right Tools & Delegate Properly

Having high-quality and modern programs and tools can make an enormous difference not only in the workforce but also in your company. 

Save your time and effort by using tools such as MFP (work as a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine) or use TriNet’s Real-Time HR Software for payroll and HR information to increase productivity in the workplace.

Furthermore, delegate properly so you will have more time to do your own work. The key to delegating the tasks properly is to assign the right task to the right person, a person you know he/she has the right skills to do that task and trust that person to get it done. It usually takes some time to get used to of it but later on, you will be surprised that how productive you can be when you do delegation properly.

The Bottom Line

Increasing productivity in the workplace can be a tough and puzzling task but do remember that a happy and healthy environment is a key to increased productivity. You will need to pay attention to what’s beneficial for your company and for your employees. Consistently assessing how your team works and areas of development will help you to increase overall workplace productivity.

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