Oil and gas industry is wider than you can think; many of senior oil and gas professionals set to retire and exit the workforce every year opening opportunities for new workforce. Though these new opportunities for recent graduates and young professionals seem very exciting, they come with a bundle of challenges too.

Getting ahead can be challenging and competitive, but keeping yourself well-informed and updated with latest industry trends, developing the skills in demand and improving personal efficiency can lead you towards a successful oil and gas career.

Though there is no ultimate success recipe for oil and gas career, here are few tips from experts that can help you with long-term success during your oil and gas career.

1- Make sure that you meet all the basic requirements and are fully eligible for employment in oilfield; i.e. minimum 18 years old, physically and mentally fit, a non-smoker, can refrain from alcohol during 14- 21 days of duty, be ready to take the odd schedules (at times at night and for several days without any break in weekends).

2- Try to gain some mechanical experience; Mostly, the oilfield workers have to deal with mechanical jobs, so it’s better to gain relevant experience while being on an internship. Hence, it would be better

3- Stay informed; If you’ve a senior oilfield professional in friends and family circle, seek guidance from them. In case, if you do not have one, you can always look for help online. Portals like Oilfield Job Shop are quite handy, not just to stay updated about latest news and trends, but also to know about exciting oilfield job opportunities from around the world.

4- Get connected to the right people; We are living in an age which is more connected than ever before. Use Linkedin to get connected to key people of reputable oil & gas firms. Have a conversation with them and develop connections which can help you advance your career.

5- Apply for jobs like a pro; A proper research is a must before you apply for an oilfield job. Check company profiles, and other publicly available details to know how good a company is. Keep a check on recent changes in rules and regulation of oil industry.

Use all possible channels, i.e. local newspapers, niche job boards, general job boards, personal connections etc. to hunt down the opportunities. Have an awesome resume and do not forget to add a cover letter along. And yes, make sure to apply at several places all at once; this will give you better chances of getting a call for an interview.


The Bottom Line:

Careers in Oil & Gas industry are truly challenging, but if you are ready for the quest, you prepare well and demonstrate like a pro, the rewards are higher!