How to Create a Winning Content Marketing Specialist Resume

Apparently, the content marketing industry is growing faster and if you’re an enthusiast writer, you should better explore the niche in detail. Simply being a content writer is no more a rewarding career and you must equip yourself with latest techniques, so your services always remain in demand. Updating your resume from being a simple content writer to content marketing specialist or a content marketing manager can be a breakthrough in your career. Read More

7 Best Websites for Freelance Writers to Get Projects From

One of the biggest problems that every other freelance writer faces is inconsistency in projects. Approaching new clients is a must, whether you’re into freelance writing for years or else you’re a newbie that has recently stepped into the field.

Till the time online businesses will last, they will require content on constant basis. Although there’re many freelancing sites connecting buyers and sellers, you cannot be everywhere. Besides that being on all those sites will just waste your effort and you won’t be able to focus. So, here’s a list of places you must have presence on for consistent projects. Read More

How to Start Freelance Writing Career Instantly

how to start freelance writing career instantly

For some, writing is making money instantly, but for many others it’s not just a seasonal money making option, rather it’s a highly rewarding career.  Only those will op freelance writing as a career, who love to share experiences, personal, professional or just any other and they’re just passionate about writing.

If you’re the one who want to opt freelance writing as a career, but don’t really know where to start, following check list will help you to take a start:

Read More

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