Florida boasts of having one of the largest economies in the United States of America. This state not only has Disney World and Space Stations but is also home to a number of multinational organizations. Florida’s economy relies on various industries including Insurance, Real Estate, Finance, Mining, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail Trade and there are various highest paying jobs in Florida that attract the attention of professionals to relocate here. 

People do not visit Florida only for leisure activities but in search of better job opportunities and to get settled here. To find a suitable job in Florida one needs to possess the desired skills as per the requirement of the job. The career opportunities in Florida are market-driven and thus any effect on the current market scenario will have an impact on job security or stability. 

Nevertheless, there are many high paying jobs in Florida that will help to cope up with the high standard of living in this state. This article lists the ten best careers and highest paying jobs in Florida, United States. 

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Ten Best Careers and Highest Paying Jobs in Florida, US

1- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

This is a specialized job requiring specialized skills. The main job of the oral is to conduct various dental care procedures and perform surgery on the mouth, face or jawline.  Maxillofacial surgeons deal with surgical procedures of face, head and neck etc. 

The state of Florida has got excellent infrastructure to support these surgeons who in turn are in great demand and are paid extremely well. The average salary of an oral or maxillofacial surgeon in FL is $282,650 making it top the list of highest paying jobs in Florida.

2- Anesthesiologists

Another high paying job in Florida from the healthcare sector is that of Anesthesiologist. They are critical for achieving success in medical operation and work side by side with other health professionals. Their main job is to monitor and maintain patient’s vital signs during and after the surgery. 

As the number of surgeries conducted in Florida are going up each year, so is the demand of Anesthesiologists. The average salary in this profession is $268,470.

3- Administrative Law Judges & Hearing Officers

Over the last couple of decades, Florida has witnessed a steady rise in the number of legal disputes and to settle these disputes there has been an increase in appointments of law officers like judges, arbitrators & hearing officers etc. 

The main job of these law officers is to conduct hearings on various claims that concern government matters and determine sanctions, penalties or corrective measures on the same. The average pay out of a law officer in Florida is $111,320 per year. 

4- Mining & Geological Engineers

The “Sunshine State” boasts of having potential land or mining development sites and is home to many mining companies as well. Mining has become a lucrative option for various businesses and so has the career in it.

The main job of a mining engineer is to conduct subsurface surveys of the ground to identify potential mining sites and then carry out various mining activities. The mean salary of a mining or geological engineer in Florida is $113,200.

5- General Physicians

To meet the overwhelming demand of drugs and medicines in the state of Florida, there are a number of general physicians and the demand is growing too. Their job is to provide the prescribed medicines and drugs to the patients and answer their queries related to the medications. On average, a physician takes home $119,710 in Florida. 

6- Podiatrists 

Another classification of healthcare professionals that make a lot of money in Florida is Podiatrists. These professionals specialize in diagnosing and treating foot-related diseases like calluses, tumors, corn, cysts etc. 

You will come across many qualified and experienced Podiatrists in Florida that will help to get rid  of your foot related diseases. A good Podiatrist makes $136,740 every year working in Florida. 

7- Engineering Teachers

Florida also has many great educational institutions like University of Florida, University of Miami and Florida State university etc and a lot of students take admissions to these prestigious colleges each year. 

To teach the engineering tech courses there is a great demand of chemical, industrial, civil, electrical engineering as well as mechanical engineering teachers. Universities and colleges shell out huge amounts of money to hire and retain teaching talent in their respective organizations. The average pay per year of an engineering teacher in Florida is $117,170.

8- Marketing Managers

These are professionals who plan and execute various marketing policies and programs of the organization. As several old as well as new businesses are flourishing in this state of the United States of America, there is decent demand for marketing managers who are responsible for various tasks including promoting brand awareness, identifying potential customers and developing pricing strategies to keep their organization ahead from the competitors. 

On an average a marketing professional working in Florida takes home $119,450 towards reimbursement, making it one of the highest paying jobs in Florida.

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9- Obstetricians And Gynaecologists

A lot of people also relocate to Florida with their families in search of better job opportunities. The population of this state is witnessing a steady increase as a lot of people are starting or extending their families, thus increasing demand for qualified obstetricians and Gynaecologist. 

There are many superior hospitals in this state which are backed by an experienced team of obstetricians and Gynaecologists who earn around $249,380 per year on an average.

10- General & Operations Manager

In Florida you will come across a number of public as well as private sector companies. To plan and direct the operations of these companies there is a requirement of General and Operations managers. Many qualified professionals are working at this level in various organizations in Florida. 

Their responsibilities vary include formulating policies of the organization, optimizing use of resources and managing daily operations. The average reimbursement of this occupation in Florida is $112,600.

The Bottom Line

I am sure the above list of top careers and highest paying jobs in FL would give you a quick insight into the best careers in the state and will be helpful for making informed career choices.

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