Highest Paying LPN Travel Agencies

Travel nursing offers a unique opportunity for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) to explore new places while doing what they love. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of LPN travel nursing and present you with the top 10 highest paying LPN travel agencies.

So, whether you are an LPN looking for a change of scenery or an adventure seeker with nursing skills, this list will guide you to your next exciting destination.

What is LPN Travel Nursing?

Before we dive into the agencies, let’s understand what LPN travel nursing is all about.

LPN travel nursing involves temporary assignments where LPNs are placed in healthcare facilities that require their specific skills. These assignments can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, offering flexibility and adventure.

 Highest Paying LPN Travel Agencies

The Benefits of LPN Travel Nursing

Why should LPNs consider travel nursing? Let’s explore the enticing advantages.

Higher Earnings

Travel nursing often comes with higher pay rates compared to permanent positions. Agencies on our list are renowned for offering some of the best compensation packages in the industry.


LPN travel nursing allows you to explore new cities, states, or even countries. It’s a fantastic opportunity to satisfy your wanderlust.

Professional Growth

Working in diverse environments enhances your skills and broadens your horizons. It’s an excellent career move.


You choose when and where you work, giving you control over your schedule.

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Top 10 Highest Paying LPN Travel Agencies

Now, let’s get to the exciting part – discovering the top LPN travel agencies that offer not only great adventures but also excellent compensation.

1.      WanderNurse

WanderNurse is a leader in the travel nursing industry. They offer top-notch pay rates and a wide range of assignments across the United States. Plus, their user-friendly platform makes finding and applying for jobs a breeze.

2.      FlexHealth Staffing

FlexiHealth Staffing is known for its competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages. They have a strong network of healthcare facilities, ensuring you’ll find assignments that suit your preferences.

3.      NurseVoyage

NurseVoyage is a perfect choice for LPNs seeking adventure. They specialize in international placements, allowing you to work in exotic locations while enjoying high pay rates.

4.      RoamingRN

RoamingRN stands out for its personalized approach. They take the time to understand your career goals and match you with assignments that align with your aspirations.

5.      HealthWings

HealthWings is one of the highest paying lpn travel agencies and is all about flexibility. They offer short and long-term assignments, making it ideal for LPNs who want to experience different work settings.

6.      NurseWanderlust

NurseWanderlust combines great pay with excellent support. They have a dedicated team to assist you throughout your assignments, ensuring a smooth experience.

7.      TravelCare Partners

TravelCare Partners is committed to your success. They offer bonuses, reimbursements, and attractive pay packages that keep LPNs coming back for more.

8.      RoamHealth

RoamHealth is known for its transparency. They provide detailed information about assignments, ensuring you know exactly what to expect before you embark on your journey.

9. GlobalNurse

GlobalNurse specializes in international placements, opening doors to LPNs who want to explore healthcare systems worldwide while earning top dollar.

10. WanderMedics

WanderMedics focuses on placing LPNs in critical and high-demand settings. If you’re looking for challenging assignments with exceptional pay, this agency is worth considering.

How to Choose the Right LPN Travel Agency?

With so many options, how do you choose the agency that is right for you? Let’s explore some key factors for highest paying lpn travel agencies.

Compensation Package

Look beyond the base pay. Consider benefits, bonuses, and reimbursements to determine your overall earnings.

Assignment Locations

Do you dream of working in specific locations? Ensure the agency offers assignments in your desired destinations.

Support and Resources

Consider the level of support the agency provides during your assignments. A responsive and helpful team can make a significant difference.


Research online reviews and ask fellow nurses about their experiences with the agency. A good reputation speaks volumes.

Contract Length

Determine whether you prefer short-term or long-term assignments and choose an agency that aligns with your preferences.

Additional Perks

Some agencies offer unique perks like continuing education opportunities, licensure assistance, and travel stipends. Evaluate these extras when making your decision.


LPN travel nursing is a remarkable opportunity to combine your passion for nursing with your love for adventure. The top 10 highest paying LPN travel agencies we’ve discussed here offer not only attractive compensation but also the chance to explore new horizons while honing your nursing skills. It is time to pack your bags and embark on a journey that promises both professional and personal growth.

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