A lot of people on Instagram follow their close friends and family but, when you stroll through your feed who is it that you look to when you need inspiration or reliable advice for your career path? 

There are some Instagram accounts that you should consider when you want to get the best career advice.  These accounts will make you feel brighter and give you valuable information.


Any female entrepreneur who is looking to work and grow online will need to look at this platform.  Their feed is full of color with great quotes, ideas for your office design and some successful women.  The feed also has inspirational illustrations which will motivate you to work hard and be gracious when you do.



What you will love about this account is the fact that you are not simply seeing a regurgitation of inspirational quotes from Pinterest.  This account offers you new bold images with fresh advice.  The images also stand out in your feed which ensures that you never miss anything.



You are always being told that you need to lean in to your career but, you are never told about what happens when you do.  This account features incredible women who have made a difference and offers daily reminders of why you need to lean in.  You can learn from their words and journey’s to navigate your own career.



Not only does this account for a Missouri design company have cohesive and quirky pictures, it also offers you amazing career advice.  The account can help you when you wonder about what is ruining your online brand.  They can also help you find new ways to dress for success.  This is a branding and marketing hub that you should not miss out on.



Beautiful inspiration often offers you the best advice.  When looking at this account’s feed you will be transported to a world of unlimited creativity, clean ideas and thought out looks.



If you have a LinkedIn account and what some simple tips on how to get it noticed by employers then this is the account to check.  You can also find posts of motivation to help you keep going on.  There is also the fact that the pictures are adorable as well as helpful.

If you’re looking to set up your own account, then you should pay attention to the above accounts and use a service like this to get more followers.



If you are looking for the ultimate source of career advice for those look at social media jobs then you have to consider Levo.  The feed for this account is an amalgamation of power outfits, amazing women, interactive career polls and even notes from people in the business.  Following this account is also a means of connecting with the women that help the thriving Levo community.