Occupations with Degree in Electronics Engineering

Electronics Engineering is a broad and diverse field comprising of many subfields including electronic devices, circuit design, control systems, telecommunications, computer systems and embedded software etc. A degree in Electronics Engineering will open doors to various opportunities under the above mentioned fields for you.

With a degree in Electronics Engineering you develop skills and knowledge required for creating, operating, managing, upgrading, inventing and defusing electronic systems in defence, medicine, telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, production, mining and other industries.

A list of available career options is there for Electronics graduates, but if none of the options are according to your interest, the degree might not be valuable. One must opt for a degree program which opens doors for job of his interest If you think Electronics degree is best for you, do consider the possible occupations before making final decision.

Find list of professions that a Electronics degree offers. Do select the line of work in coordination with available employment opportunities before pursuing your Bachelors or Masters Degree in Electronics.

  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electronics Design Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Engineering Officer
  • Examiner of Patents
  • Graduate Administrative Assistant
  • Graduate Broadcast Engineer
  • Graduate Engineer
  • Graduate Project Coordinator
  • Graduate Test Engineer
  • High Speed Instrumentation Officer
  • Instrument Engineer
  • Instrumentation Sales Professional
  • Radio Communications Engineer
  • Regulatory Analyst
  • Research Assistant
  • Research Engineer
  • Scientist
  • Professor
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