Quantify Your Resume to Get Noticed by Employers

Being successful in your job hunt is extremely important since so many great opportunities could pass you by and someone else could reap the benefits. Having a precise and well-constructed resume can make a huge difference by getting your foot in the door and possibly the first interview for that dream job that you were gunning for.

In a competitive job market your resume represents you and every aspect of your career thus far, and as such, being precise and specific would greatly help a hiring manager get a better idea of who you are and what you bring to the table. The hiring manager’s mandate could be very specific and have extremely focused KPIs. By quantifying your resume you stand a better chance of making the cut and being called for an interview.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Candidate A: “Increased sales revenues for three straight years”

Candidate B: “Increased sales revenues by 10% for the first year and 8% for the following two years”

If the hiring manager is looking for a candidate with a proven track record of sales increases above 6%, then Candidate B is the preferred choice. The exact figures help to provide context to your job functions. For example, being a “sales manager” or being a “sales manager with 25 sales associates” can make the difference between two equally qualified candidates with similar career paths. These specifics could unilaterally fulfill all of HR’s KPI requirements.

A precise and quantified resume that is accompanied by a personalized cover letter could very well secure that much-desired callback and first interview. The cover letter is your chance to let your personality shine and can help a hiring manager get an idea of how well you would fit within the culture of the corporation.


The Bottom Line:

Competing in today’s job market is challenging and demands you to stand out from the rest, and an outstanding resume is your only chance to demonstrate why and how you stand out. That’s why it’s crucial to quantify your achievements in the resume.


About the Author: Victoria Johnson

Victoria is the CEO of Resumes Today, a leading resume writing firm, specialized in the professional resume and cover letter writing, Career Bios, LinkedIn Makeovers, and Presentations.


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