A good salary package entirely depends on the effectiveness of your resume and how you sell yourself. But when it comes to fresh graduates, they either do not have a solid experience, nor the developed skills set, so getting an attractive salary package seems difficult for them. However, if you’re fresh graduate and want to have a solid resume, you’ll need to have it on appropriate format. Follow the guidelines below to build a great fresh grad resume.

First of all you must know that your resume should reflect your personality, after all employers are not hiring papers but real people to work on a team and they need to know your character/personality. Besides that make sure to cover these areas:


0. Objective (optional):

If you’re not yet decided about your objectives, better is to leave this part blank instead writing “I work hard and play hard” sort of things.


1. Personal Information

This is the place where you add your name, age, martial status, birth date, parent information, likes, and interest. Be truthful in this section.


2. Education

Being a fresh graduate, your academic qualification is the most important part of your resume. You should mention all your educational attainments including school, college, university etc here. Put the course/degree title with name of institution and date you graduated. You can also mention your grades to bring a spark in resume.


3. Experience

Although you don’t have much experience, you can still mention your experience as participant in school/college/university co curricular activities. Also, if you did some internship, can better fill this area. Make sure that you mention valid experience and can deliver what you state in your resume.


4. Achievements

If you achieved some rewards, got some distinctions, do not hesitate to mention those right away in the resume.


5. Personal Reference

Although it’s personal reference section, make sure not to put anyone personal in it, i.e. your family members or friends. This area is specifically for those whom you worked for, i.e. your previous employer, manager etc.

If you still feel, you cannot write a good resume download sample and template from links below: