How to Write a Cover Letter; Basics with Examples

You found a great job ad and you actually meet the requirements, but you don’t have a well written cover letter. You must know that a badly written cover letter can actually push a great job away from you. So first thing is to know the basics of writing a cover letter, here it goes;

    • Mention the exact name of the advertised post. Employer should know which position you are actually applying for.
    • The main purpose cover letter is to make a personal connection, so even if you have created a template, make sure to personalize it using company name whenever sending to a particular company.


  • Stay to the point and do not repeat things.
  • Keep your cover letter precise.
  • Do not just praise yourself but also mention in the cover letter that how you can benefit the company.
  • Maintain a balance between selling your services and organizational needs.

Keeping the above mentioned points in mind you can create a cover letter that can urge the employer/recruiter to call you for one to one meeting!


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