Making money on Facebook will surely be of interest to most people, however, many don’t know how and what exactly to do to make money on Facebook.

Whether you are a social media geek who spends a significant amount of time on Facebook, or you have an entrepreneurial mindset and you are looking for ways to monetize your time on Facebook, there are literally tens of ways with which you can start earning from Facebook.

You may already have some of these questions popping in your mind;

  • Can I earn $500/day on Facebook?
  • How can I get $500 a day on Facebook?
  • How do I turn my Facebook likes into money?
  • How can I earn from streaming on Facebook?
  • How do I monetize my Facebook?
  • How many followers do you need to earn from Facebook?
  • How do I make my Facebook page eligible for monetization?
  • How do you I know my FB page eligibility?

This article will guide you through some of the ways of making money on Facebook. Some of these are quick and easy, while some need parallel time and effort for better results. And yes, you must know that it’s your dedication, love for learning, and experimenting that decide how much you can make on Facebook. Some people are literally making millions of dollars out of it, while many do not succeed in making a fortune.

Let’s get started.

Making Money on Facebook; What are the Options & How to Do it

There are various ways, you can choose one or more depending upon what skills and expertise you have and what you are ready to learn. For instance, if you are a professional in any of the digital trades, i.e. software development, content writing, marketing, etc. you should focus on selling your services through Facebook, if you are a creative person, you might want to build an audience of your own and monetize it.

Let’s explore the details

1- Software Developers and Making Money on Facebook

Consider making Facebook apps and simple games that can engage certain audiences. To earn money with Facebook apps and games you don’t necessarily make paid apps, just make your app a hit, grab more and more users and advertisers will contact you on their own to promote their business through your app.

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2- Money Making Options for Other Service Providers on Facebook

If you are a writer, join industry-specific groups and pitch yourself and get projects. Search for content marketing agencies and pitch your services to them. Use Facebook ads to promote your trade.

Similarly, if you are a teacher/tutor, designer, accountant, or any other freelance professional you can use relevant Facebook groups and job ads to find work.

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3- Become a Facebook Marketer & Monetize Your Time

If you are a beginner who doesn’t know much about Facebook ads and algorithms, you can still make a decent income. Here is your step by step guide.

  • Join niche specific Facebook groups that have a huge number of active participants.
  • Be an active contributor there.
  • Join and create a gig for Facebook promotion, and explain how you are going to share/promote a link/product to those millions of FB group memeber.
  • Some groups may not allow free promotion, so you can negotiate a price with them (which should be lower than what you are charging on Fiverr).
  • Offer the same service on other freelancing sites like

4- Build Your Own Social Media Marketing Company

Building your own social media marketing agency can be a great achievement, and it won’t take much time either. All you need to do is to learn the marketing insights and how particular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. work. Once you have learnt these well, you can start selling your services to local companies, small home based businesses in particular.

You can offer the following services.

  • Facebook/Instagram page management including content creation and promotion.
  • Growing page audience.
  • Generating leads and sales.

5- Monetize Your Content & Facebook Properties

If you are a blogger, vlogger, or streamer, Facebook content monetization is a great way to get started. Check out your eligibility and proceed. You can monetize any kind of content, i.e. Facebook pages, individual videos, streaming, etc. Monetization options include in-stream ads, fan subscriptions, branded content, and subscription groups

Other than the Facebook monetization tool, you can earn a decent income through third party ads, shoutouts, and sponsored content. You must have a specific niche and a significant audience to get sponsored content and advertisers. The more popular your page or group is, the better income it will earn.

It’s not just the Facebook pages that can be well monetized. In fact, if you have an active Facebook group, it has almost equal opportunities to get ads and sponsored content.

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6- Sell Products on Facebook

You can sell almost anything on Facebook, i.e. everything that can be bought from a store without showing a government-issued ID or prescription. Find a product that has a higher demand locally, buy a sample size and start selling using Facebook Marketplace and local groups. It’s very much trial and error and you will learn on your own.

The Bottom Line

Facebook is not just a great social networking platform, but also have tens of business opportunities. There are so many ways to make money on Facebook, but every method requires proper planning, consistency, somewhat hard work and patience to show results.

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