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Earn with Online Discussion Boards & Make Use of Free Time

If you’re free these days and are looking to spend some quality time online, joining online discussion boards/forums is no doubt a great idea. It’s not just about participating in discussions to acquire and share knowledge but it can be a good earning opportunity too. Let’s see how:

Sell Signature Links:

Once upon a time forum signature links sale was good money making way. It used to be like if you’ve 1000 posts in a particular forum, you can rent one signature link for $10/month. Now the rates have gone too down now due to many reasons, but if you’re active on 25 forums that allow 2 signature links and you rent each space for $3 to $5/month, you can still make $150 – $250/month and as your post count increases you can increase the rate. By the way, you can start renting out the signature with as low post as 50, but do have presence on at least 20 forums to give an attractive offer to the buyer.

Rent Out Your Avatar:

Of course lot of companies/websites and other members on forum want their product to be advertized and so normally look for avatar spaces. Rent of your avatar space also depends on your post count and credibility on forum.

Get Paid to Post About Promotions:

But beware, if it’s something spammy or pure advertisement, you can get banned on the forum.


  • Remember that you may not be able to make good money with one forum only, so what you need to do is to join as many forums as you can, and be active on all of them.
  • Once you’ve 50+ posts on those forums you can start renting signature link space, i.e. 1 link on 25 forums. For a buyer it’ll be very attractive offer to get hundreds of backlinks from 25 different sites at a reasonable price.
  • You can package your links too, i.e. one month, three months and six months etc for much better pricing structure.

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