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How to Get Job in Dubai; The Right Way to Job Hunt

If you’re the one keenly looking for job in Dubai the first thing you must realize is that the golden era of making easy money in Dubai has been faded. Now the employers have rightly identified the need of being efficient and so not to throw money on paying stupidly high salaries.

Search Your Dream Job in Dubai

Being a business hub with  employers from across the world, the companies now look for people who have good local market knowledge, many require you to have fluency in Arabic language and a lot of them prefer people already having a residence visa. In this scenario, just forget about getting job in Dubai while sitting in India or Pakistan or whatever your home country is. Yes, what I mean is, you must travel to Dubai on a visit visa and enthusiastically do the job hunt. Below are some guidelines that will help you in getting job in Dubai. (These tips are based on my personal experience, so don’t take them as hard & fast rules, depending on your nationality, career level and connections in Dubai, things can be different for you).

By now I assume you’re in Dubai on visit visa for at least one month (it can be extended to three months), so here we go step by step:

  • Get a cell phone number; employers will need to contact you instantly and you should not miss a single call.
  • Develop a killer resume and cover letter. I am sure, you will avoid most common resume mistakes.
  • Make best use of internet and find companies of your field operating in Dubai. Make a list, and approach each of them directly through their website.
  • Add connections on Linkedin who are from your industry and are based in Dubai. Preferably target key people of established organizations, i.e. CEOs, CTOs etc.
  • Do keep a daily check on and keep on applying for the posted jobs. Believe me the response rate from Dubbizle is far more than that of and type of websites. But it doesn’t mean to ignore them, keep your campaign alive there too.

Keep your efforts consistent till you see the results.  Your success is in consistency; best of luck for your job hunt in Dubai!

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