With a well-penned resume, a well-passed interview, and a twinkle of your eyes, you can almost always count on the job you want. However, in England, Germany, the USA, Japan, and many other countries, this is not as easy as it may sound so, it is better using a resume service. Top specialists from all over the world apply for jobs in developed countries, but even a highly qualified professional needs to sell himself in a favorable light.

How to correctly compose a resume so as to reach the employer from the first sentence? How easy is it to outwit the competition when looking for a job?

Well, there are various resume writing and editing services available that offer to help you with a great resume. But finding the right resume writing service can be tricky. This article will share some key insights to make things easier in this difficult mission!

While you are going to explore how to use a resume service effectively, it will be good to check a professional resume writing service like https://resumeperk.com/resume-checking, where professionals working for the company provide their best services on behalf of their editor and writer. 

The first step to success is a well-written resume. Such can be reached out with the help of professionals. Until about 2015, a template-based resume was predominant. However, there are people who still prepare their resumes using a template. They do not understand that in the modern world, personal qualities are valued first of all. Such as having your own opinion, creativity, and the ability to “wrap and sell expensively” your knowledge, skills and abilities to the employer.

That is why a person who is looking for the highest paying jobs and wants to land the best one needs to be thoroughly prepared. Here are three key factors to know and understand when using a resume writing service.

Using a Resume Service

1- What Kind of Resume Attracts Attention

Every day, people are faced with more information than, for example, 10 years ago. Our brain constantly has to filter information and leave only the most useful. For instance, a human resources employee decides in five minutes whether to invite you for an interview or not. Therefore, when looking for a job at the initial stage, you should create a decent resume, doubling the chances of success in front of competitors. 

The best way to do this is to create an advertisement-like resume, where the main goal of the first sentence is to get you to read the second. And the purpose of the second is to trick you into reading the third and fourth sentences. If a recruiter masters 25% of the text, then with a high probability he will reach the end. 

Everyone will have their own resume based on their skills and job experience. So, make sure;

  • The resume writing service offers you a customized solution based on your individual experience.
  • They have samples that have the attention seeking element as discussed above.

2- Basic Rules for Composing a Resume: 

You must know these basic rules, so when you review the drafts provided by the resume writing and editing services, you can verify the quality.

  1. Be brief and to the point of information. Write purposefully only what is relevant to this vacancy. To do this, carefully read the ad text and give sound arguments for each line of why you are the right person for these services. 
  2. If you have recently finished your studies or are still studying, you have little experience, do not create your resume so it is larger than an A4 page. 
  3. Find your own style that is your distinguishing feature 
  4. Use keywords that are respective to your industry. This way you will demonstrate your awareness ahead of time. 
  5. Use paragraphs, lists, numbers. A clear structure is pleasing to the brain. 

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3- Approximate Outline of a Resume: 

And, last but not least, you must ensure that your professionally written resume is not missing any of the following key aspects.

  1. Name, last name, contact information: phone number with country and city codes, home address. 
  2. Write a short review about your skills, accomplishments, and creativity. Usually these data are indicated at the end, but a beginner specialist can place this information at the beginning of the text. 
  3. Education. Start from your very last place of study. Feel free to include diplomas, internships, courses that are relevant to the job. If you have several degrees from different educational institutions, including those not related to the vacancy, mention only the university. Check this article to know how to manage a gap year in your resume.
  4. Job experience. As in the previous paragraph, add information from the last place of work. Leave only that company, which best matches the vacancy. 

By the way, employers often require writing a good cover letter – a letter with a capacious appeal to the employer, which calls on to draw his attention to you. Give reasons why you should be hired for this position. Tell about your experience, achievements, and professional qualities. Use the words and phrases from the job posting in this email. This will demonstrate you have a pretty good eye for detail. Explain that you are interested in getting the job. 

A competent resume written by expert writers will increase your chance of success when looking for a job. 

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