If you want to choose a career in occupational therapy, one of the things that might wonder you is its potential salary which varies in different countries. A career in occupational therapy is rewarding and an Occupational Therapist salary is also high as per financial aspect.

This article will discuss the average Occupational Therapist salary and compare salary ranges in different countries.

1. United States

Occupational Therapist salary is $85,826 per year in the United States. Within the United States, the salary can greatly vary based on experience and other factors. However, these are the fastest-growing careers in the United States.

2. Germany

The average Occupational Therapist salary in Germany is €47,308 ($54,825) per year. An Occupational Therapist is likely to earn a high amount with more practical experience in this field. 

3. Canada

Occupational Therapist salary in Canada is C$72,000 ($56,117) on average annually. However, the demand for Occupational Therapists in different cities of Canada is the same the yet salary range may differ in different cities.

occupational therapist salary

4. Spain

The average Occupational Therapist salary in Spain is €26,000 ($30,146) per year. However, if you have a higher degree as an Occupational Therapist, you can earn more than the average salary in this field.

5. United Kingdom

Occupational Therapists earn around £30,052 ($39,317) yearly on average. It is important to note that specialized certifications can increase the salary of an Occupational Therapist.

6. France

The average Occupational Therapist salary in France is €33,173 ($38,461) per year. However, with the highest level of education, Occupational Therapists in France can earn up to  €77,512 per year.

7. Italy

The average Occupational Therapist salary in Italy is €24,339 ($28,219) per year. According to surveys collected, an Occupational Therapist can earn €52.504. Learn soft and hard skills to grow your career as an Occupational Therapist.

8. Australia

Occupational Therapist earn AU$69,023 ($50,730) in Australia per year. However, entry-level positions start at AU$60,000 and experienced-level therapists can earn $110,000 per year in Australia.

9. New Zealand

The average Occupational Therapist salary in New Zealand is NZ$59,616 ($41,030) per year. Nevertheless, the Occupational Therapist’s role is increasing with time so there tend to be more opportunities in future. 

10. Netherlands

The average Occupational Therapist salary in The Netherlands is €44,697 ($52,877) per year. Similar to other countries, the Netherlands also has high scope for Occupational Therapists and they earn a high salary.

11. Sweden

The average Occupational Therapist salary in Sweden is SEK 392,300 ($44,414) per year. Here are some related careers like physical therapy.

12. United Arab Emirates

Occupational Therapists earn around AED 139,980 ($38,136) per year in the United Arab Emirates. In the United Arab Emirates, the occupational therapy profession has high demand and the salary can increase by more than AED 139,980 if they are more experienced. 

13. Saudi Arabia

The average Occupational Therapist salary in Saudi Arabia is SAR 118,080 ($31,356) per year. Moreover, an entry-level Occupational Therapist can earn about SAR 100,000 annually.

14. Singapore

Occupational Therapists in Singapore earn around S$64,269 ($47,055) per year. In Singapore, Occupational Therapists can earn a good level of amount to grow their careers further.

15. India

The average Occupational Therapist salary in India is INR 337,134 ($4,526) per year. In India, there is high demand for Occupational Therapist. So, its opportunities are likely to increase in future. If you have acquired a high level of physical education, you can take up these professions.


Occupational therapy is one of the highly paid professions and Occupational Therapist salary is on the rise. However, if you want to take it up as a career, you need to look into the details further.

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