In this day and age, getting a job can be a difficult thing to achieve, especially with so many people going for relatively few jobs.

As a result, it’s a good idea to have as many strings to your bow as you can, going above and beyond to make yourself the best candidate for the job and getting as many professional qualifications as possible.

However, most people working in the hospitality industry aren’t aware that there are lots of things out there that can help you to progress your career, especially when it comes to bar work.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at the ways a personal alcohol license can help you land a bar job.

What is a personal license?

The laws surrounding selling and serving alcohol responsibly can be a little confusing, so it’s best to start with the basics.

A personal license is what authorises someone to sell alcohol on the behalf of the business they work for, as long as the business holds a premises license or a club premises certificate.

The personal license must be held by the establishment’s Designated Premises Supervisor by law, but other employees can also hold their own licenses. This supervisor will act as the point of contact for the authorities, as well as authorise any members of staff without their own license to sell alcohol.

This guide by the UK government has more information on licensing laws.

Is it necessary?

Holding your own personal license isn’t a requirement for working in a bar.

As long as the establishment has a Designated Premises Supervisor who holds their personal license, they, in turn, can authorise you to serve alcohol without the need for your own license.

As a result, not having a personal license won’t be held against you when looking for bar work.

Will it help?

That being said, a personal license can definitely improve the chances of you being offered a position in the hospitality industry.

The primary benefit offered by a license is career progression. Many senior positions, such as managers and supervisors, are required to hold a personal license in order to act as the DPS for the business. As a result, getting a personal license can help you to secure these positions much more quickly and easily.

Similarly, a personal license is highly valued throughout the hospitality industry so it can help you to progress your career in whatever direction it takes. Even though you may start out in bar work, holding a license can help you to move into catering, events, and even ownership.

Plus, it’s a permanent qualification so you’ll never need to take it again and undertaking the course can help you to build your knowledge, giving you a better understanding of licensing laws.

How do I get one?

So, if you fancy getting your own personal license after seeing the benefits it can bring, you’ll need to go through a recognised accreditor.

Companies such as Hospitality Training Solutions offer the online learning based course, as well as the exam you’ll need to gain your license.