orthodontist salary

Orthodontists have specialities in dental health diagnosing dental issues, preventing, and connecting misaligned teeth and jaws. Orthodontist services are becoming popular so this profession has become more lucrative. However, Orthodontist salary depends on several factors including; the country they work in and their experience.

This article will explore Orthodontist salary in different countries across the globe.

1. United States

Orthodontist salary in the United States is $228,780 per year. According to the estimation, it can range from $150,000 – $350,000 depending on the level of experience these professionals have. In addition, it also depends on the level of practice and type. Moreover, the list of highest paying jobs in the United States can help earn a high salary.

2. Germany

In Germany, Orthodontist salary earns about €99,763 yearly. Not to mention, their salaries can range from €80,000 – €130,000 if they have more experience. 

orthodontist salary

3. Canada

Orthodontists in Canada earn a salary of C$164,276 annually. Nevertheless, if these professionals have a higher level of experience, they can earn CAD 150,000 – CAD 300,000.

4. Spain

An average Orthodontist salary in Spain is €65,000 per year. However, it can range from €60,000 – €120,000 per year if the professionals are more experienced.

5. The United Kingdom

An average Orthodontist salary in the United Kingdom is £72,000. However, it can range from £60,000 – £200,000 depending on the location and expertise.

6. France

In France, the average salary of an orthodontist is 151 050 € per year. Nonetheless, it can range from €87,000 – €182,000 based on whether the professionals have mid-level or senior experience. 

7. Italy

Orthodontist salary on average in Italy is 142.929 € per year. However, if orthodontists have mid-level experience, they are likely to earn €60,000 – €120,000. Besides this, these medical careers are also in demand.

8. Australia

Orthodontists in Australia can earn an average salary of AU$150,000 annually. If these professionals have more experience, they can earn AUD 90,000 – AUD 300,000 per year.

9. New Zealand

In New Zealand, the average salary of an orthodontist is NZD 306,502 which may vary based on experience level. If Orthodnotists have less or more experience, it can range from NZD 80,000 – NZD 260,000.

10. The Netherlands

The average salary of an Orthodontist in the Netherlands is €163,800 annually. Depending on the experience level, it can range from €70,000 – €150,000 per year.

11. Sweden

In Sweden, Orthodontist salary ranges from SEK 600,000 – SEK 900,000 per year. These professionals can even a higher amount with more experience in this field.

12. United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates, Orthodontist’s salary ranges from AED 500,000 – AED 1,000,000. In addition, it depends on the type of their speciality they have acquired in this field and the number of years they have practised.

13. Saudi Arabia

Orthodontist salary in Saudi Arabia ranges from SAR 400,000 – SAR 1,000,000 on average annually which may also vary based on some factors, including practice and level of skills.

14. Singapore

In Singapore, Orthodontist salary ranges from SGD 200,000 – SGD 400,000 on average per year. If orthodontists are more experienced, they are likely to earn more.

15. India

The average salary for Orthodontist in India ranges from INR 600,000 – INR 2,000,000 which is likely to grow if one has more experience and expertise in this field. Learn practical tips to get a high-paying job.


Orthodontist is a profitable profession and its demand is increasing over time. Orthodontist salary is high but it varies in different countries depending on factors like experience, type, practice, qualification, location, and employer. It is more favourable to look up more detailed information if you want to adopt the Orthodontist profession.

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