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Being a Data Scientist is a well-known profession and they collect and do experiments on a large amount of data to identify patterns and insights. This data helps businesses make worthy decisions to grow potentially. However, data scientist salary can vary depending on location, industry, and experience. In this blog, we will explore data scientist salaries in different countries worldwide. 

1. United States

According to PayScale, the data scientist’s annual average salary in the United States is $95,981. A data scientist with 1-3 years of experience can earn between $75,000 and $100,000 annually. However, data scientists with 5 years and more earn over $150,000 per year. These professions are also popular in the United States.

2. Germany

As mentioned above work experience plays a significant role in determining a data scientist salary. The average salary is €59,590 ($68,835). However, data scientists with experience of more than 5 years can earn more than €70,000. 

data scientist salary

3. Spain

The average salary in Spain is €29,643 ($34,331) yearly. In addition, they need scientists to have skills in machine learning and programming languages like Python and R.

4. France

The average salary in France is €39,613 ($45,918). However, data scientist demand is continuously growing in upcoming years so, there will be more job opportunities for data scientists in France.

5. Canada

In Spain, the average salary is €29,643 ($34,331). On top of that, industries that pay relatively higher data scientist salary in Canada are finance, healthcare, and technology. It is because these industries require accurate knowledge of data-driven insights and solutions.

6. United Kingdom

Data scientist in the United Kingdom earns high salaries. The average salary is £39,013 ($49,548). In the United Kingdom, the average salary is €39,613 ($45,918). Nevertheless, salaries can differ depending on industry and location.

7. Italy

In Italy, the average salary is €39,613 ($45,918) depending on location, experience, and industry. However, if data scientists have skills like machine learning, and programming languages like Python and R and have experience working with big data are more likely to earn higher salaries. 

8. Australia

In Australia, the average salary is AU$ 97,042 ($71,144). If data scientists have more experience collecting huge data and providing valuable insights, their salary increases.

9. New Zealand

The average salary in New Zealand is NZ$91,168 ($63,128). It is important to note that cities in New Zealand like Auckland and Wellington offer the highest salaries for data scientists in other cities. The reason is; these cities have more tech industries and the demand for skilled data scientists is on the rise.

10. Sweden

The average salary in Sweden is SEK 559,700 ($62,469). The data scientists’ salary varies based on qualifications and experience.

11. The Netherlands

The average salary is €48,730 ($56,471). In Sweden, the average data scientist’s salary is SEK 559,700 ($62,469). However, cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht offer higher salaries for data scientists in the Netherlands. These cities have prosperous tech industries so, they require highly expert data scientists. 

12. United Arab Emirates

The average salary is AED 244,684 ($66,588). Data scientists salary in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer the highest salaries compared to other cities because of the high demand for skilful and expanded scientists in their prospering tech industries. 

13. Saudi Arabia 

The average salary in Saudi Arabia is SAR 228,844 ($61,030). However, the demand for data scientists is increasing over time.

14. Singapore

The average salary in Singapore is SGD 84,725 ($61,347).  Cities like Jurong are likely to pay higher data scientist salaries but require high-tech skills and broad experience with big data. 

15. India

The average annual salary in India is INR 783,507 ($10,875) which may increase with higher experience. Similar to other countries, it varies depending on factors including experience and industries.

Wrapping up

It is important to note that data scientist salary can vary greatly depending on factors such as industry, company size, education, experience, and location within the country. Additionally, these salaries do not reflect other benefits that may be offered by employers, such as healthcare, retirement contributions, or additional time off.

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