5 Leadership Development Activities at Workplace

Leadership development activities are important for managers to improve their abilities and skills. In addition, these activities teach managers to develop team-building skills.

As a manager, you can master the art of negotiation, develop your communication skills, improve influence and conflict management, and more. Scroll down to view the following article on leadership development activities. You will find new ways of influencing the teams you lead in your organization.

1. Mentorship Programs

One leadership development activity that can be implemented in the workplace is mentorship programs. Assigning experienced and successful leaders to mentor and guide new or junior employees can help them develop important skills and behaviours necessary for effective leadership, such as decision-making, communication, and conflict resolution. 

Mentors can also provide ongoing feedback and support, leading to increased confidence and motivation in managers. Additionally, mentorship programs can promote positive company culture and strengthen relationships among employees.

2. Team Building Exercises

Team building exercises play an efficient role to develop leadership skills. These skills include delegation, collaboration, and communication. The most common exercises include role-playing scenarios, problem-solving challenges, and trust-building exercises. It can help managers develop their leadership skills in a supportive way.

5 Leadership Development Activities at Workplace

3. Heard, Seen or Respected

When you stand in others’ shoes, you can better practice empathy. This activity is interesting that allows participants to shift between telling stories where they were not heard, seen, or respected. It is important to start leadership training with the fundamentals of empathy and respect. If managers cannot respect and empathize with their team, they should expect similar behaviour from others. 

4. Leadership Workshops

Leadership workshops are the best leadership development activities to enhance their knowledge and skills. It includes topics like decision-making, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. Organizations can conduct these workshops with the help of internal and external experts. In addition, it includes interactive activities like group discussions, case studies, and role-playing scenarios. You can also use social media platforms like Linkedin for growth.

5. Leadrship Coaching Programs

Leadership coaching programs offer employees personalized support and guidance to improve their leadership development journey. These coaching programs help employees collaborate with experienced coaches and get advice, feedback, and support on their leadership skills. In addition, organisations can avail of coaching sessions that are specific to employees’ individual needs and goals. Here are some ideas to hire right people for your business.

Wrapping up

In short, leadership development activities play a significant role for employees and help them improve their leadership skills. These activities provide guidance, motivation, and inspiration to leaders and help them achieve goals.

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