conflict resolution exercises

Conflict is an avoidable part that is present everywhere including in the workplace. It can be in form of disagreement over a project deadline or clashes among team members. However, conflicts have a negative impact and cause a disruptive environment in the workplace. So, there is a need to indulge employees in conflict resolution exercises at the workplace to help them work as a team effectively.

1. Active Listening Exercise

In this exercise, two coworkers work together to demonstrate active listening skills. One person shares a workplace conflict he/she is experiencing, and the other person listens and paraphrases what has been shared. Once the speaker is done, the listener repeats back the key points of what the speaker said.

With active listening exercises, employees can develop better communication skills, avoid misunderstandings, and build a trustworthy relationships.

2. Role Play Exercise

This exercise involves two coworkers pretending to be in a conflict. One person plays the role of the aggrieved party while the other plays the offender. This exercise can help build empathy and promote effective communication.

Through role-playing, many individuals learn from various perspectives, practice active listening, and build empathy so, conflict resolution exercises work best. In addition, these best morning habits also keep you calm throughout the day.

conflict resolution exercises

3. Mindfulness Exercise

This exercise involves learning to stay calm and reduce stress levels in times of conflict. This exercise helps individuals learn to control their reactions and manage their negative emotions. You can do mindfulness exercises by taking a slow breath and focusing on the breath coming into and going out of your lungs.

It is the simple act that lets you focus on your breath to let you be in the present moment. These conflict resolution exercises ultimately help employees develop self-awareness, manage conflicts, improve emotional regulation, and helps you stay organized at the workplace.

4. Brainstorming Exercise

This exercise involves getting a group of people together to brainstorm solutions to workplace conflicts. This exercise helps promote teamwork and collaboration in the workplace. There are many popular brainstorming exercises including the Two Dollar Game that you can play once with any group of people. 

It is one of the best conflict resolution exercises that include some secret elements that are exposed in the end. Additionally, there are exercises like Chief Negotiator, Divide the Loot, Allies in Alexia, and many more.

5. Averting Conflict Exercise

This exercise involves developing communication strategies that can help forestall workplace conflict. For instance, team members should learn when to give space to each other, when to speak up, and when to refrain from communications that could inflame the situation. This exercise helps prevent conflicts from escalating out of control.


In short, conflicts exist naturally in the workplace you can manage and resolve them by using some strategies. However, the above-discussed conflict resolution exercises are a great way to manage conflicts at the workplace and strengthen the relationship among team members.

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