Hiring the right employee is a difficult task as there are multiple factors that need to be considered. Many firms hire wrong candidates without proper background screening and eventually lands into trouble. This issue is more prevalent in the current scenario where globalization has enabled people from various places to search and apply for jobs from all round the globe.

Many people create fake resumes or put out wrong information to make it more appealing. There are several ways in which background screening can help your company grow better. Given below are some of them.

1- Better workplace safety and security

Employees with previous records of violence, theft and other bad background histories can be eliminated successfully. FBI statistics reveal that many companies have to deal with sexual assaults, minor assaults, domestic violence, threats, and stalking, emotional abuse and so on in their workplace on a daily basis. People with substance abuse records can also be identified with the help of background checks. This can be reduced to a great extent by choosing employees with a better behavioral record and a reputable background.

2- Improves the quality of employee hiring

Hiring the right employee with the right attitude is very important for the overall well being of a company. Background screening helps to identify the candidates with right mindset that is beneficial for the success of the business. To more about this you can view ClearStar.net

3- Helps to avoid negligent hiring risks

If you recruit an employee without proper background check, your company will be subject to employee liability if he/she injures or harms other employees or third parties within the scope of the organisation. A negligent hiring lawsuit can result in reputational damage and steep costs.

4- Reduced alcohol & substance abuse at work

A productive employee is the biggest asset of an organisation. Employees going through alcohol or substance abuse promote a negative working environment. In the long term, their productivity will decrease tremendously. In fact, they might also disseminate these kinds of habits in their colleagues which can adversely affect the organisation in several ways. Conducting thorough background screening can help identify such candidates.

5- Improved regulatory compliance

As per reports from various sources, background screening helps to improve regulatory compliance. Recruiting employees without proper compliance can result in risky fines and legal implications. This can directly influence the profitability of the company as time and resources will then have to be allocated to getting the company back on track.

6- Decrease in employee turnover

Increase in the percentage of employees leaving an organisation can hamper the business. Mostly employees with criminal and other violent background are prone to leaving the organisation for various reasons. Hiring and training requires quite a bit of investment from the company. There is loss of money when employees take off just after receiving training. To hire a new employee and bring him or her up to speed requires more investment than retaining an existing employee.


So, hire better by conducting proper background screening, and you should have an employee whom you can depend on to run your business.