Cyprus is one of the most popular choices for many corporations when they plan to expand globally and look for a headquarter based in the EU. The developed infrastructure opens doors for both the businesses and talented professionals to relocate to Cyprus and grow together. Here are 5 Best Paying Jobs in Cyprus.

If you are looking to relocate for a better opportunity, Cyprus can be a great place to consider as it offers a relaxed lifestyle, very safe environment to live and work in. Gross salaries may be lower than many other European countries, however, with the lowest income tax levels (within Europe), and relatively lower cost of living, the net salary is often higher,

Moreover, employers are bound to offer certain benefits, which may vary from organization to organization, however, you can expect these basic benefits from almost all employers:

  • Annual/Biannual bonus
  • Medical insurance
  • Pension contributions

If your profession is among the ones high in demand, you can expect a better salary with a good relocation package. The relocation package again may vary from employer to employer, i.e. some offer accommodation for the entire family while others may only offer temporary accommodation, some may even assist you with finding the right home at the right prior just pay you an upfront amount to meet the costs.

Salaries in Cyprus largely depend on the industry you are in, years of experience and the skills set you have. Based on these and some more factors, here’s a list of top five highly paying jobs and professions in Cyprus.

1- Doctors & Surgeons

The recent pandemic has proved that the world needs doctors more than ever before, and in fact doctors are always needed in every country. And so, Cyprus needs doctors just like any other country. 

Surgeons earn up to 12,000 EUR and no wonder why this is the highest paying job; the critical nature of the profession, higher levels of risk, and requirement of extensive knowledge and years of hands on experience justifies the top position.

2- Judges & Lawyers

Judges earn little higher than lawyers (up to 10,000 EUR), because of the huge social responsibility on their shoulder, i.e. it’s not an easy task to decide people’s fate. Lawyers on the other hand can draw around 8,000 EUR and they are so well paid because they have the capability to save/earn huge amounts of money for their clients, or even save them from a possible death sentence.

3- Bankers

Not all bankers but those on the managerial positions and those who are incharge of huge investments can expect a payout of around or little less than 8,000 EUR. Those who are paid well in the banking sector also have to face certain risks and challenges associated with managing a bank, so a higher payout is justified here.

4- CEOs & CFOs

A CEO in any company stands responsible for the growth of the organization, and in case if a startup or an established venture fails, it’s also the CEO’s responsibility. A CFO on the other hand is the one who makes crucial financial decisions which contribute to the success or the failure of the company.

Not all organizations may pay their CEOs and CFOs a salary of up to 7,000 EUR, but some really do!

5- Dentists:

People all over the world love their teeth, because a life without healthy teeth is beautiful for no one. So yes, dentists are also among highly paid professionals in Cyprus and can make up to 6,500 EUR, depending on the level of expertise and years of experience. 

The Bottom Line

Despite the fact that a lot of people from Cyprus travel to other European countries for better jobs and lifestyle, the country has it all for a greater population of professionals from across the world. Salaries may be little less than other European countries, but with relatively lower cost of living and better quality of life you can still make the most out of here.