How to Tell Your Weaknesses & How Not to in a Job Interview

We all have weaknesses, and we’re all aware that the people around us have weaknesses of their own. In the working environment, weaknesses are something we try to hide away, especially in an interview for a position. It is a question that many employers will ask you, and one that not many interviewees know how to answer.

Usually, interviewees will answer with something like “I’m a perfectionist, although I take my time and focus on details, the end result will be quality.” This answer doesn’t say anything to the employer, as this question is oft misunderstood. Essentially, this question is a 3 part response.

Firstly, you are being asked about your self-awareness, your understanding of your self and your limitations. Self-awareness leads into your awareness of your impact on others, which is something that the better candidates show employers. Your self-awareness and awareness of others is essential for working in a team environment, as is growth and development.

Finally, if this question is answered well, it will be finished off by mentioning any self-growth you are doing to improve on your weakness/weaknesses. This question is asking you to recognize your short comings and to speak on what you’re doing or plan to do to improve yourself, not to trip you up to admitting something personal or irrelevant.

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