Tell me about Yourself; How to Answer this Interview Question

Well, this is normally the first question in any interview. Since, it’s one of the generic interview questions, mostly people get confused, i.e. what and how to answer. You might have a lot to say, i.e. no one else knows about you more than your own self, but here you’ve to be specific. Yes, very specific about the interviewer’s interests. He is looking to know about you so he can identify whether or not you’re the right person for this post, so his interests are very clear and here they’re:

  • What skills make you fit for the job?
  • Have you worked on similar stuff in the past?
  • Whether you can take responsibility or not?

Now let’s see how you should start answering all these in a flow:

Tell them about Your Skills:

Start with telling them about your skills that make you the suitable candidate for the job, i.e. if it’s a sales related job, explain your ability to communicate with various kind of people, how you can convince someone, ability to face rejection etc. Note that you should not take start with telling about academic qualifications, instead explain the skills you’ve got and then relate it with specific academic background you’ve.

Relevant Experience:

Now move on with telling them about your last workplace, i.e. where you did some similar work. In case if it’s your first job, you can quote the projects you’ve worked on during academics.

Your Performance at a Glance:

And now wrap up with how you managed to work on last relevant project. You can mention your achievements and awards for the similar stuff.

That’s how you can answer the most difficult question well, i.e. ‘tell me about yourself’. Remember that job interview is the smallest duration where one can attempt to judge your abilities for a particular post, and you must be to the point in all your answers. This will definitely increase your chances to get hired!




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