The job interviewer asks this question primarily to determine whether you are the right person for the position or not. In tackling this question during a job interview, you have to make sure that you provide the most appropriate answer so that it sets you apart from and ahead of the other job applicants.

There are two things that you have to focus on when answering this question – what you can offer to the company and what the company expects from an ideal candidate for the job position. So, do not forget to read the job description and the company profile before applying for the post.

Of course, it is imperative that you are able to effectively “sell” yourself to the job interviewer. Thus, you have to discuss and inform him or her of your competencies, skills and experiences in a concise and clear manner. You can do this by focusing on your strengths and previous accomplishments, and you have to cite concrete examples to boost your “sales pitch.”

While you are “selling” your competencies, skills and experiences, you have to remember that the job interview is not all about you. You must also have a complete knowledge and understanding about what the company wants from a candidate.

You have to respond to this question so that you are able to focus on what is usually referred to as the “pain points” of the organization. If you are able to convince the job interviewer and the hiring manager that you are the “solution” to these “pain points,” then you stand a good chance of getting the job.