If you have recently joined a recruitment agency Essex based then you will be hoping that you will get the chance to attend a job interview at some point in the near future. Although getting an interview thanks to A1 Personnel recruitment is definitely something that you should be proud of, there is a chance that you might be a little nervous about the prospect, too. However, provided you think it through and stay calm, you should find that you are able to give a great interview that you can be proud of – and this blog will give you some great ideas about exactly how you can excel in any interviews that you get.


When you go to an interview, you need to convince them that you really want the job – and preparing properly is by far the best way to go about doing this. You should get as much information as you can not only about the job that you’re going for, but also about the company that are interviewing you. If you are able to talk to them about their values and things like the history of the company, then it will be clear that you are serious about wanting the role, and this is certainly something that is going to work in your favour.



We all know just how important a first impression can be, and this is vital at a job interview. Sometimes, companies will decide who they want to hire right from the first few minutes of an interview, so making this impression is key – and the way that you look has a lot to do with this. You should check whether there is any kind of dress code in the information that you received before your interview. If there isn’t, then you should assume that you should dress smartly, and this means that everything should be matching, ironed, and neat before you walk through the door. If you have had a stressful journey, or have had to take public transport, then it is a good idea to try and find somewhere to neaten up a little bit before your actual interview takes place.


Ask the right questions

As far as interviewers are concerned, nothing is worse than somebody leaving an interview without having asked a single question – as it shows that they aren’t keen enough to know more about the job that they are applying for. For this reason, you should come up with a list of questions before you go for your interview, as it can be difficult to think of them on the spot when asked. That way, when you reach that stage of the interview, you will have your questions ready and waiting.


An interview is a great chance to get the job that you have been waiting for, so it is important that you are able to grasp it with both hands if you can. For this reason, making sure you know what to do is key – as this gives you the best chance of giving the best interview you’ve ever done.