The simple and undeniable fact that time only moves forward and once it’s gone has no chance to get recovered has major implications in our lives, both personally and professionally. This gives a rise to the need for better time management and ensures you are spending yours both effectively and efficiently

However, this is usually easier said than done and that’s why we decided to create a comprehensive guide to better managing your time. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you will know what it takes for better time management and will be in a better position to spend your time appropriately. 

1- Focus

Most people have a habit of taking on too many tasks and think they are the gods of multitasking. However, if you take a closer look at their productivity levels, there is a lot to be desired. If you find yourself multi-tasking but not getting anything done, it’s time to let that habit go. TrackTime 24 have a good tool to help you to identify areas of concern and manage your time better.

Close all those tabs and applications that you’re not using or are diverting your attention from the main task at hand. Try and focus solely on one task at a time and you will become more efficient this way. 

Better Time Management

2- Get Rid of Distractions

What is distracting you in your task? Text messages, phone calls, or social media? In this day and age, social media platforms have everything interesting that it’s easy to get into a rabbit hole and get distracted from your work. Better time management requires just a quick fix; make a habit of using your phone and social media platforms when you are on a break or have nothing important at hand. Trust me, it’s more rewarding and less distracting this way. 

If you are constantly distracted, put your phone on silent or block sites that are usually tempting when at work. Doing these simple things will find you concentrating more and getting more done. 

3- Avoid Fussing Over Unimportant Things

You can never get everything done within the estimated time or in the manner you want. Trying to do this is almost delusional and ends up being a waste of time and effort. Trying to become the perfect individual does more harm than good. Instead, try not to fuss about unimportant details. 

4- Track Your Time Spent

One of the primary aspects of time management is tracking your time. However, when people do this, they forget to become aware of how they spend their time. For instance, you can set a countdown timer to ensure you complete a task within a set time period. This kind of pressure pushes you to remain focused and work in a more efficient manner. 

There are numerous free time tracking apps on every operating system and so, this tip for better time management should not be hard to implement. 

5- Batch Similar Tasks Together

If you have tasks related to the same project, then batch them together. This will help you avoid falling into the multi-tasking trap and end up having nothing done at the end of the day. Batching similar tasks together helps maintain continuity or fluidity, allowing your brain to focus more rather than having to switch to completely new tasks. 

6- Delegate

If you have tasks that are better done by others or tasks that are not so important, then it’s high time you considered delegating. This helps get rid of a lot of baggage and actually helps you stay focused on the important tasks. 

When you delegate tasks, you get to free up some time to achieve more. 

7- Get Rid of Time Wasters

How much time do you spend on social media while at work? If you constantly find yourself checking memes and other posts from your friends, then you’re not spending your time wisely. 

Social media is addictive, and it can be hard to check that message your friend sent you. So, temporarily get rid of them by either blocking websites or switching off your phone. Trust me, you will have adequate time during breaks or after work to see what everyone has been up to. 

With these tips, you should eventually become a better time manager.

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