Careers with Degree in Oceanography

For most of the people, a career in oceanography consists of swimming with marine animals at a marine life park or snorkeling in crystal-clear tropical waters studying coral reefs. Well, that’s not it. Oceanography jobs are very rare with a strictly tough competition.  Most oceanographers work with scientific research organizations to solve particular problems in the oceans.

Mostly the research institutions are universities and government agencies that open opportunities for oceanographers. Few private companies also have job openings for oceanographers. These companies are engaged in searching for economic sea floor deposits, investigating areas for sea farming, and evaluating natural energy production from waves, currents, and tides etc.

A degree in Oceanography in hands let you explore a variety of career choices. A degree program if it opens doors for job of your interest is the key to successful career. So if Oceanography degree is what you want to pursue, must review the possible occupations you can have with it.

Analyze the listed professions with degree in Oceanography. Identify your line of work, review employment opportunities and then pursue your Bachelors or Masters degree in Oceanography.

  • Geological Oceanographer
  • Physical Oceanographer
  • Chemical Oceanographer
  • Biological Oceanographer
  • Marine and Ocean Engineer
  • Marine Archaeologist
  • Marine Policy Expert
  • Marine Biologist
  • Marine Mammal Trainer
  • Whale Biologist Or Researcher
  • Shark Biologist


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