Before you decide to work with a company, you have to determine whether the company is right for you. It’d be best if you were aligned regarding your career goals, daily work routine, overall wellness, and others.  

You may be in a toxic work environment if you have to sacrifice what you deem valuable because of your company. But you don’t need to worry. To help you out, here are some ways to determine if a company is right for you. 

Company Is Right For You

Check Out The Company’s Website

The company website is a platform where you can read up on the company and decide whether it would be the right fit for you. You can read up on their goals, vision, and mission. For instance, these are indicators of what the company stands for. If dynamics such as corporate social responsibility are essential to you, you can find out whether they’re involved in such initiatives and to what extent.

You can also determine staff expertise by reading about the listed members if such information is available on the website. The information you gather from the website is a reliable indication of whether the company is the right fit for you.

Focus On The Interview Process

Although the interviewing process is for the company to decide whether you would be the right fit for them. It’s also a time where you can determine if they are the right fit for you. More time that most people go into an interview prepped to impress so they can increase the possibility of getting hired. But then forget to vet the company during the process. The interview process lets you determine whether a company is right for you.

For example, any interview should allow you to ask any relevant questions, particularly at the end. If you aren’t given a chance to ask questions, or if your questions were side-stepped or blatantly ignored, you might not be the right fit. You don’t want to walk away from an interview with unanswered questions. The reason is; that those questions help you decide whether you should be hired or called in for further interviewing.

Check Out The Company Turnover Rate

If there’s a way that you can find out the rate of turnover at the company, you might then be more equipped to figure out if the company is the right fit for you. A rapid and high turnover rate may indicate a toxic workplace because that’s one of the signifiers of employees’ happiness at work. During the interview, you can know about why they’re looking to hire that particular position, and the responses may give insight into why the position is vacant.

If you know people who have worked there before, you can have a conversation regarding the circumstances that led to them leaving the workplace. People grow from different positions, and it isn’t odd when they move to another company. However, the rate shouldn’t be so alarming that questions are concerning the work environment.

Read Through Online Reviews

There are online platforms where you can read what former colleagues say about a specific company, mainly if it’s a well-established entity. The platforms may also provide a section where former employees rank the organization based on different dynamics such as leadership, wellness, and compensation. 

You can then decide whether you can go on to join the company or if you should continue on the search. Not all online reviews are legitimate; some may be a competitor analysis strategy or a malicious campaign. Always use your discretion when using online platforms for reviews.

Talk About Working Hours

When it comes to the amount of work you can put in per day, week, or monthly, you’ll have to decide what works best for you. You have to look at your reality on the ground; for example. If you’re a mother to toddlers, you might not have the hours available to dedicate to a company. Compared to a mother with grown children who don’t require as much physical presence at home.

You can also consider your capacity to spend working the hours stipulated if they go beyond the general work hours. No one would want a situation where you compromise your mental health because you push yourself to work hours you struggle with or risk leaving children unattended for a period. Some companies offer flexibility so you can find out whether together you can work out a schedule that benefits both parties.

Company Is Right For You

Research About Wellness Support

Company wellness support comes in different forms, such as a medical aide, hours off work, weekends, and psychological support when needed. Consider finding out their policy when it comes to injury at the workplace, bullying, and discrimination. A company policy regarding such matters usually tells whether they are a good fit for you. You want to work for a company that prioritizes your physical, emotional, and mental wellness. They might not be a good fit for you if you feel this comes secondary.

Follow Your Intuition

Your intuition is your inner voice or conscience, which may tug at you during your job-hunting process. Having gathered all the information you can about the company and having analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of joining their team. Your intuition may guide you to finding out whether they are a good fit for you or not. 

Avoid ignoring the feeling of discomfort at any stage of your analysis, but also be open-minded to the information that you gather. Some information may outright show you whether you’re fit or not, such as working hours and wellness support policies.


Deciding whether a company is a good fit for you or not is a process that requires intentional research and analysis. Consider asking questions that can bring this to the fore during the interview and determine the turnover rate. Speak with former employees and look at a few online reviews about the company.

Further, the company website tells of its mission, vision, and position in the industry, meaning you can decide whether they are the right fit for you. Decide whether the stipulated working hours fit your schedule and lifestyle, and explore whether flexibility. Such as working from home, is an option. Finally, follow your intuition as you go through the job-hunting process.

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