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Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist Job Profile; Skills, Abilities and Knowledge Requirements

Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist resume may not appeal anyone if it does not contain appropriate skills and abilities. To make your Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist resume highly impressive, you must clearly state your skills, knowledge and abilities mandatory for the post of Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist.

If this is your very first resume or else it is just to improve the resume, you must bring together all skills required to work as Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist, then sort out the skills and abilities you posses. Add your expert level skills on your Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist resume in addition to the qualifications required for the post and your personalized professional Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist resume is ready.

Mentioned below is the list of skilled required for different Aircraft Launch and Recovery Specialist jobs. Go through the detailed list of abilities, skills and required knowledge, find your best skills and update your resume right away.


  • Practical knowledge of how to operate and maintain catapults, arresting gear, and associated mechanical, hydraulic, and control systems involved primarily in aircraft carrier takeoff and landing operations.
  • In depth knowledge of installing and maintaining visual landing aids; testing and maintaining launch and recovery equipment using electric and mechanical test equipment and hand tools.
  • Practical knowledge of activating airfield arresting systems, such as crash barriers and cables etc.
  • Knowledge of principles and best ways to  direct aircraft launch and recovery operations, maintaining logs of airplane launches, recoveries, and equipment maintenance during emergency situations.


  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Equipment Operation & Maintenance
  • Math & Science Skills
  • Technology Design & Control
  • Leadership


  • Control over nerves while doing hazardous tasks at times even in peacetime.
  • Be able to work in extreme conditions.