7 Best Websites for Freelance Writers to Get Projects From

One of the biggest problems that every other freelance writer faces is inconsistency in projects. Approaching new clients is a must, whether you’re into freelance writing for years or else you’re a newbie that has recently stepped into the field.

Till the time online businesses will last, they will require content on constant basis. Although there’re many freelancing sites connecting buyers and sellers, you cannot be everywhere. Besides that being on all those sites will just waste your effort and you won’t be able to focus. So, here’s a list of places you must have presence on for consistent projects.

  1. Elance.com: Here clients need all type of writing, i.e. from bulk article writing to top quality copywriting, and from smaller projects to huge content database development. You will have to make effort to build portfolio here, but once you get at least 3 projects, you can have a consistent inflow.
  2. LimeExchange.com: It’s just like Elance where you’ll find only serious buyers, but you may not find high value projects as of Elance.
  3. Odesk.com: Another portal connecting buyers and sellers. The good thing about this site is that building portfolio here is comparatively easier than that of above two and at times you get very highly paid projects too.
  4. Essaywriters.net: Well, this place is for high quality writers only, i.e. academic writers. You must not join it if you do not have a university degree and a expertise in subject. The payout is way too higher than that of any freelancing site, but you need to do double and triple effort to get accepted and to stay there.
  5. Webmaster Forums: Forums like Digitalpoint, Warrior Forum, and V7N etc are great places to find quick and smaller projects, but they’re not highly paying. Good thing is that if you’ve pre written some articles, you can sell those too.
  6. TextBrooker.com: You join, set your rate and once accepted you charge clients a handsome amount. Clients here are mainly internet marketers, looking for SEO based content, so before joining do have expertise in the particular field.
  7. Linkedin.com: You need parallel time for being active on Linkedin. Search and add potential buyers, pitch them and get instant projects.

If you work well on these sites, you don’t need to look anywhere else!


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