4 factors linked to employee retention

Many business owners implement a variety of ways to retain their workers. This refers to how well enterprises can keep their workers around or for a long time. You should also follow suit to enhance the growth and success of your company. Many factors influence employee retention. However, here are 4 factors linked to employee retention in this blog.

Employee retention has several benefits. For instance, it helps reduce company expenses. The process of finding new employees and training them is very costly. Therefore, a high staff turnover attracts extra costs and may hurt your profitability.  

Apart from that, employee retention helps maintain the company’s productivity. When an employee leaves your company, it might take a while to fill that gap, thus reducing productivity. But with employee retention, you can eliminate or reduce employee gaps to maintain your company’s productivity. So, you need to find effective ways to retain your employees. 

That said, many factors may increase employee retention. They include the following:  

4 factors linked to employee retention
  1. Positive Employee Experiences 

A positive employee experience is a great way to deal with a high staff turnover rate. It refers to a worker’s experiences with their employer or business enterprise. In other words, it’s how employees perceive their interactions with their companies. Positive employee experiences make team members feel appreciated and therefore, will consider remaining working for your company.  

Creating positive employee experiences should start during the staff hiring and onboarding process. The first impression matters greatly when it comes to building a great team. When new hires gain a positive view of your company, they’ll likely remain with you for an extended period.  

There are many fun ways to welcome new employees virtually and establish positive workplace experiences. For example, consider writing and sending a welcome message to any new worker. That helps build a positive first impression and can enhance worker engagement and retention. Ensure you use warm welcome messages so new hires know you’re happy to have them in your organization.  

You can also assign a few existing employees to mentor your new hires. That enables the newly recruited team members to learn your company culture and their jobs faster. As such, you’ll likely enhance your retention rate.  

  1. Meaningful Benefits

Many employees love to work with a company with meaningful benefits. If they notice you can’t achieve that, they’ll consider joining an organization with rewarding benefits. And that affects your retention rate. 

One of the best ways to offer meaningful benefits to employees is to give them competitive remunerations. This involves providing salaries similar to what other businesses offer for the same job position and qualifications.  

Salaries aren’t the only benefit you can offer to employees. You can also allow them the opportunity to grow. For instance, you can promote them from one level to another as a way of motivating them. Motivating employees not only enhances retention rate but may also help increase your company’s overall productivity.  

You should also appreciate your employees for jobs well done. For instance, you can establish a reward program where top performers are appreciated with something like attending free gym sessions. More importantly, find ways in which all your employees could benefit. This may include taking them on trips, organizing get-together lunches, funding their end-of-year party, etc.  

4 factors linked to employee retention
  1. Ongoing Training

You can’t ignore offering employees professional training and development opportunities if you want to improve your retention rate. Many workers consider opportunities to grow and develop a key element in remaining working for a particular company. Therefore, ensure you provide your employees with more knowledge and new skills. 

Training may take various forms, including workplace seminars and workshops, online learning, and even hiring experts to come and educate your team members on specific areas of your business. Providing ongoing training opportunities to workers shows that you care about their professional development and career progress. That goes a long way in increasing workers’ morale, productivity, and, more importantly, retention.  

  1. Work-Life Balance

Lack of work-life balance is one of the many causes of worker dissatisfaction. Many employees like to work with a company that allows them to do other things. For that reason, you should schedule your team members in such a way they can work and do other things they love. And that’s what makes remote working one of the ingredients to a high staff retention rate.  


Retaining employees is one of the practical ways to ensure your organization continues to thrive. It helps reduce employment gaps and costs. As such, you’ll always have enough staff and money to run your business. Ensure you implement the factors detailed in this article to retain employees.  

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