Lately, I was contacted by Mr. Mark Perez from Workomotion with an invitation to join the network. I also saw some buzz in the news about Recruiting and thought to explore the platform myself. So, I took the time to register on the site and started using the platform; interestingly, I found it quite helpful especially for the people looking for top-level positions.

As we all know that most of the top-level executive positions are not advertised publicly, and recruiting for such positions is normally done quite confidentially; it is quite challenging for candidates to know when and where is a top level job opening. This is where WorkoMotion makes a big difference by providing the opportunity to its registered and approved member to hear about all such openings.

Now let me explain the “approved member”. Since the platform receives tons of applications and they must have to deliver the best quality to the recruiters and employers, they screen and evaluate your application thoroughly to make sure that it meets specific criteria.

Yes, there is a stringent approval process, but once approved, you are all set to enjoy an awesome group of extraordinary top level leaders. WorkoMotion platform is not just about helping you find the top level positions, but also to network with like-minded, talented executives which can be a great way to grow your professional network, share your unique experiences and get careers and leadership advice from others.

As per stats, there are more than 50,000 executives and 3,500 recruiters (who recruit for top level positions with an average salary of $160,000) active on the platform, so being an active member of such a community is definitely going to be a breakthrough in your career!

Moreover, all the members can connect with hundreds of mentors, who can help you set career goals, resolve career related glitches, and make difficult career decisions with confidence. According to researchers and stats, people with mentors earn higher salaries, receive frequent promotions and have higher job satisfaction. Finding a reliable and experienced mentor may not have been that easier, but at WorkoMotion it is simple, easy and faster!

If you’re someone looking to advance your career with targeted goals, I would recommend to join and explore WorkoMotion yourself. I am sure, you will find your ultimate career ladder.