Ambulance Driver and Attendant resume may not be considered for a call if skills and abilities section fails to explain your potential. To enhance your Ambulance Driver and Attendant resume for better exposure, do mention the skills, abilities and knowledge needed for professional Ambulance Driver and Attendants.

If this resume is your very first effort or this is to uplift the resume, you must collect complete list of skills required to be Ambulance Driver and Attendant, then choose skills and abilities of your expertise. Include your finest Ambulance Driver and Attendant skills on resume alongside the other qualification required for the position and your own unique yet highly effective Ambulance Driver and Attendant resume is done.

Mentioned below are the skills needed for different Ambulance Driver and Attendant positions. Analyze different skills, abilities and basic know how mentioned below, recognize your points and facelift your resume instantly.

Places e, usually with help of Ambulance Attendant .

Takes sick or injured persons to hospital, or convalescents to destination, using knowledge and skill in


  • Practical knowledge of driving ambulance and short routes.
  • Knowledge of carefully Assist in lifting patients.
  • Knowledge of how to place patients on stretcher and load stretcher into ambulance.
  • Practical knowledge of flawless driving for transporting patients, i.e. to avoid sudden motions detrimental to patients.
  • Knowledge of first aid, such as bandaging, splinting, or administering oxygen.
  • Knowledge of Ambulance maintenance and safety standards.



  • Active listening.
  • Giving attention to details.
  • Flawless driving.
  • Active coordination.



  • Be able to drive in extreme stressful situations.
  • Be able to handle violent patients.
  • Be able to report the facts if needed.
  • Be able to guide assistants and delegate work in order to finish tasks timely.