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2013 Job Market; Predictions & Expectations

So, it’s going to be 2013; the new year doesn’t being an instant change turning things upside down, but yes shifts happen based on previous year’s performance and the future market indicators. World economy has undergone various changes over the recently passed year; many employers went successful while some couldn’t make it. Based on their plans, strategies, expectations and forecast for the upcoming year, below are some of the top indicators for 2013’s job market:
hot jobs for 2013

  • Temporary and contract hiring concept will be on rise.
  • Boost is salaries will highly depend on employee’s productivity.
  • Competition for job opportunities will be extraordinarily high.
  • Being skilled in more than two domains will be the key to beat the competition.
  • Highest job openings will be in Sales, Information Technology, Customer Service, Engineering and Productions.
  • Small business job openings will outrank the large and enterprise businesses.
  • Companies will fight to close the skills gap.
  • The demand for highly skilled positions will continue to rise.
  • Employers will keep on scouting workers from other companies aggressively; mainly the sales and technology people!
  • Employers will pay even higher for the highly skilled candidates.
  • Employers will increasingly re-skill the already hired people with basic skills.

If you’re a jobseeker/employer or a small business owner, you must be thinking of taking some new steps in 2013. Hope the above list would be a help in making clear decisions!


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