When you’re writing your CV, you need to remember that this is amongst the first things that recruitment agencies Essex based are going to see before they recommend you for the job that you are looking for. For this reason, before you contact A1 personnel it is vital that you check your CV to make sure that you haven’t made any silly mistakes – as this gives you the best chance of securing the job that you are going for. This blog will help you think about some of the top mistakes to avoid.


1- Writing Your Life Story

Although you do want the company to know about the experience you have had in the past, it is important to understand that not all of it is strictly relevant, and for this reason you need to be selective when you’re choosing what to put into it.

You may want to list all of your work, however they are only going to be really interested in what you have done that relates directly to the job that you’re applying for. If you don’t want it to look as though you have a gap in employment, then simply listing the company and your job title is enough – but there is no need to expand with a paragraph for each, as many people choose to do.

2- Proofread and Fact Checking

Attention to detail is everything, and nobody likes to hire somebody for a job if it is obvious that they haven’t even bothered to take their time with their application. For this reason, once you have finished, you should double check everything to make sure that it is right.

This includes qualifications, employment dates and job titles – as it can be easy to get mixed up, but this will look unprofessional if found out.


3- Making it Easy to Read

Lots of people try to brighten up their CV by adding different fonts or styles to it, but this is more likely to simply be distracting rather than anything else. Instead, you should stick to one plain font throughout, and use things such as bold and italic lettering sparingly to help make a distinction between titles, or particularly important bits of information.

4- Don’t embellish

When you’re writing a CV, you will want to portray yourself in the best light possible – but this doesn’t mean that you should lie about any of the experience that you have had in the past. Doing this is a certain way to be caught out, as you will almost certainly be asked about your experience during the interview process, and it will become very obvious if you have exaggerated what you have done in the past.

Generally, your CV gives you a huge chance to show your potential new employers who you are and what you can do – and for this reason you should make sure that you put plenty of effort into it. By doing your best to avoid key mistakes, you should find that you really can produce a great CV to be proud of.