5 Reasons Why Cover Letters Are Important For Job Seekers

Finding a perfect job in today’s competitive landscape is easier said than done. You may have the right skills and experience but it is all about getting noticed. This is a challenge in itself because you have hundreds of competitors to beat for a position.

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How to Increase Your Chances of Landing a Job with Professionally Designed Resume

Whether you are unemployed or underemployed, standing out in the list of competing candidates for a job is crucial. Many times you apply for the jobs that fit your experience and skills set, but you are overlooked in favor of someone with equal or even fewer qualifications. This is very frustrating, but the fact of the matter is that it is your resume that didn’t get the recruiter’s attention. Read More

How to Create a Winning Content Marketing Specialist Resume

Apparently, the content marketing industry is growing faster and if you’re an enthusiast writer, you should better explore the niche in detail. Simply being a content writer is no more a rewarding career and you must equip yourself with latest techniques, so your services always remain in demand. Updating your resume from being a simple content writer to content marketing specialist or a content marketing manager can be a breakthrough in your career. Read More

Quantify Your Resume to Get Noticed by Employers

Being successful in your job hunt is extremely important since so many great opportunities could pass you by and someone else could reap the benefits. Having a precise and well-constructed resume can make a huge difference by getting your foot in the door and possibly the first interview for that dream job that you were gunning for. Read More

Top 4 CV Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

When you’re writing your CV, you need to remember that this is amongst the first things that recruitment agencies Essex based are going to see before they recommend you for the job that you are looking for. For this reason, before you contact A1 personnel it is vital that you check your CV to make sure that you haven’t made any silly mistakes – as this gives you the best chance of securing the job that you are going for. This blog will help you think about some of the top mistakes to avoid. Read More

How a Professional CV Writing Service for English Speaking Countries Can be Helpful

Even if you’re the best candidate for a particular position and you can convince the interviewer about your qualification and skills, but your CV is not impressive enough, you won’t have to chance to take the interview. Read More

Customer Services Agent Resume Writing Guide

Customer service is one of the industries with huge number of job openings every year.  Although the number of job openings is huge, the competition is still not low. The customer services representative is the person who determines the customer satisfaction and so the business grows, so companies are very much cautious while hiring customer services representatives. Read More

Academic Advisor Cover Letter Sample

To make sure that you’re shortlisted for advertised Academic Adviser job interview, you must have to attach a personalized cover letter along with your resume. Find a sample cover letter for the post of academic adviser below, make necessary changes or if it fits your requirements, use as it is and increase your chances of winning the job interview! Read More

Style Points to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

style points for cover letter

By giving tips on formatting and styling your cover letter, I assume you’ll definitely know about the basic of writing cover letter. Well, formatting is very much important, if you want to make your resume stand out. So, let’s look into the guidelines; Read More

Fresh Graduate Resume Format and How to Write Guide

A good salary package entirely depends on the effectiveness of your resume and how you sell yourself. But when it comes to fresh graduates, they either do not have a solid experience, nor the developed skills set, so getting an attractive salary package seems difficult for them. However, if you’re fresh graduate and want to have a solid resume, you’ll need to have it on appropriate format. Follow the guidelines below to build a great fresh grad resume.

First of all you must know that your resume should reflect your personality, after all employers are not hiring papers but real people to work on a team and they need to know your character/personality. Besides that make sure to cover these areas: Read More

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