Acing Your Law Firm Interview

Becoming a lawyer seems to be a never-ending process where one step in the journey is immediately replaced with another that must be taken before the journey is complete. Read More

Tips & Advice of What to Wear, Bring & Say to Get the Position

While job interviews can be nauseating, they are also opportunities for new jobs and career advancements. Leaving a great first impression is the key to landing the position you want, and proper dress, conversation, and punctuality are the key success factors. Read More

How to Excel at Your Next Job Interview

If you have recently joined a recruitment agency Essex based then you will be hoping that you will get the chance to attend a job interview at some point in the near future. Although getting an interview thanks to A1 Personnel recruitment is definitely something that you should be proud of, there is a chance that you might be a little nervous about the prospect, too. However, provided you think it through and stay calm, you should find that you are able to give a great interview that you can be proud of – and this blog will give you some great ideas about exactly how you can excel in any interviews that you get. Read More

How to Tell Your Weaknesses & How Not to in a Job Interview

We all have weaknesses, and we’re all aware that the people around us have weaknesses of their own. In the working environment, weaknesses are something we try to hide away, especially in an interview for a position. It is a question that many employers will ask you, and one that not many interviewees know how to answer. Read More

Why Should I Hire You; How to Answer This Interview Question?

The job interviewer asks this question primarily to determine whether you are the right person for the position or not. In tackling this question during a job interview, you have to make sure that you provide the most appropriate answer so that it sets you apart from and ahead of the other job applicants. Read More

Why Do You Want This Job; How To Answer This Interview Question?

Often during a job interview, interviewers ask tricky questions and in such a situation, you cannot help but feel that the prospective job is slipping away from your hands. A very common and rather favorite question with the job interviewers is: “Why do you want this job?” Read More

Know the Employer before Appearing in Interview; a Tip for Success

know the employer before interview

Too many of the candidates commit a mistake of not researching about the employer before appearing in the interview which of course leads to a failure. It’s very much important to know about the organization where you intend to work and going to get through the screening process. It’s not important just because employer may ask you what you know about them but in fact your over all interview depends on it. Following are some of the reasons for getting to know about the organization: Read More


Tell me about Yourself; How to Answer this Interview Question

tell me about yourself how to answer this interview question

Well, this is normally the first question in any interview. Since, it’s one of the generic interview questions, mostly people get confused, i.e. what and how to answer. You might have a lot to say, i.e. no one else knows about you more than your own self, but here you’ve to be specific. Yes, very specific about the interviewer’s interests. He is looking to know about you so he can identify whether or not you’re the right person for this post, so his interests are very clear and here they’re:

  • What skills make you fit for the job?
  • Have you worked on similar stuff in the past?
  • Whether you can take responsibility or not? Read More

131 Potential Interview Questions That You Must Prepare For

job interview questions and their answers

Whether you’re a fresh grad and it’s your first interview or you’re an experienced individual who intends to switch job, level of tension you get for getting ready for the interview is almost same. This is mainly because you don’t know what will be the questions. For your ease and a quick interview preparation, here’s a big list of possible interview questions. Do check before dropping by somewhere for interview and you’ll certainly feel confident!

Read More

Most Common Job Interview Mistakes & How to Correct Those [Infographic]

Getting nervous is very common when it comes to appear in an interview. Not only fresh grads have confusions, but many of the experienced individuals also find it difficult. Well, there’re many things we feel we did right in the interview, but in actual we missed something or never know what the interviewer disliked. Besides verbal communication, there’re various other factors that interviewers are judging, i.e. the way you are sitting, the way you speak, your dress codes and above all your body language. What’s right way and what are the common verbal and non verbal mistakes in job interview are better explained in this infographic prepared by Classes&Careers. Read More