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Monetizing Your Time on Facebook; an Option to Earn Online Easily

Making money using Facebook will surely be of interest of most of the people, however, most of the people don’t know how and what exactly to do, so here it goes with a quick overview of possible ways to generate income from Facebook;

If you’re a software developer, consider making Facebook apps and simple games. To earn money with Facebook apps and games you don’t necessarily to make them paid apps, just make your app a hit, grab more and more users and advertisers will contact you at their own.

If you’re a content writer, connect to people in your industry as well as CEOs and other key persons from big organizations, pitch yourself and get projects. Also find content Facebook pages of content agencies and get in touch with them. Use Facebook ads to promote yourself.

If you’re a local business owner, Facebook ads are meant for you, so don’t waste time and target your region/audience. Make sure you have your business’s Facebook page with a conversion/order form because chances of order placement are more on Facebook page than on your website.

If you’re an online marketer, must brand yourself using a Facebook page with your portfolio on it. Now market the page with Facebook ads, target big companies and key people of big organizations.

If you’re none of the above
, then you’ve a lot more options:

1-      Develop Facebook Page in a particular niche, i.e. sports/player/mobile phones etc and get as many fans as possible on it. Having a Facebook page with huge fan base allows you to charge for the links/offers/promotions people want to share.

2-      Develop Facebook profiles based on niche, i.e. connect to all software developers/designers and get paid for sending out niche updates to your contacts.

3-      Have a profile with maximum niche contacts and get paid to provide XXX number of likes and shares for promotions/stories/links.

4-      Buy items on wholesale rate and sell them through Facebook ads.

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