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Kansas City, Missouri Employment Agencies, HR Experts and Consultants

Kansas City is the largest and the most populous city of the state of Missouri, US. Over the last century, this city has grown from a western cattle town to an urban hub and is widely known for its cultural contributions in sport, music and culture. The economy of Kansas City is performing well mainly because of high employment growth in the key industries operating in the city.

The federal government is the biggest employer of the city with more than 146 federal agencies maintaining  presence there. Also, this city is an auto hub with companies like Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Fairfax Assembly Plant and Smith Electric Vehicles having their manufacturing facility in the state. Besides these there are numerous pharmaceuticals and agriculture companies that operate in the city. The diversity in its economy has allowed it to withstand economic fluctuations.

Several organizations that are headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri including BNIM, Barkley Inc, Cerner, Hallmark Cards, Populous and Lockton Companies etc.Some of the biggest employers of the city include Public School System, Cerner Corporation, T-Mobile, Hallmark Cards and others.

Kansas offers plenty of benefits to its residents including a good healthcare and educational system, good connectivity with the rest of the cities and plenty of job opportunities. To keep you entertained, the city also hosts plenty of entertainment and recreational events throughout the year.

There is a high demand for a skilled and educated workforce to be deployed in knowledge intensive occupations including management, accounting, engineering, marketing and many other fields. However, finding the right job on your own might not be that easy.

This is where the hiring companies and staffing solution providers come to bridge the connection between jobs and local job seekers. The hiring experts or employment agencies are commonly used by most of the organizations to outsource the process of hiring potential candidates for open job positions and so many high paying positions are not advertised publicly.

The hiring experts of the agencies talk to clients and gather details or job requirements and then find the suitable candidates for the vacancies and make sure to get the right people placed in the right positions. 

They also assist both the client as well as the job applicants in the entire recruitment process. These job placement agencies can also be of great help in writing cover letters, updating resumes, preparing the candidates for job interview questions by conducting mock interviews, and guiding them on how to appear in a job interview

They also save the employer’s time by making the entire hiring process crisp and smooth. This is why more and more employers look for either completely outsourced or at least partially staffing solutions.

As there are so many online and offline recruitment agencies in Kansas City, it may be difficult to decide which one to opt for. However, with a little research on their client base and past performance, you can definitely make the right choice. Moreover, make sure to connect with a few niche specific recruitment agencies to find more targeted job. 

List of Employment Agencies & Staffing Solutions in Kansas City, Missouri

Stivers Staffing Services 

Address:   2 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd #12, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 756-3377 ‎ · Website:

Aerotek Staffing Agency 

Address:   3420 Broadway St #100, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 701-1700 ‎ · Website:

Kansas City Personnel 

Address:   1923 McGee St, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 221-8220 ‎

Encore Staffing Services 

Address:   3100 Broadway St #129, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 753-8367 ‎ · Website:

Full Employment Council Inc 

Address:   3100 NE 83rd St # 1201, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 468-8767 ‎ · Website:


Address:   920 Main St #230, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 421-6623 ‎ · Website:

Austin Nichols Technical Search 

Address:   2405 Grand Blvd # 390, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 471-5575 ‎ · Website:

LSI Staffing 

Address:   1531 Swift Ave, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 842-5033 ‎ · Website:

Crowd Systems 

Address:   4050 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 756-1775 ‎ · Website:

Full Employment Council 

Address:   1740 Paseo Blvd, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 471-2330 ‎ ·

Labor Ready 

Address:   201 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 756-2676 ‎ · Website:

Kelly Services, Inc. 

Address:   520 NW Englewood Rd, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 453-3660 ‎ · Website:

Adecco Employment Services 

Address:   2427 Burlington St #205, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 587-1233 ‎ · Website:

Full Employment Council 

Address:   6801 Longview Rd, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 966-0289 ‎ · Website:

Accounting Principals Kansas City  

Address:   1100 Main St #1650, Kansas City, MO

CityCenter Sq

Phone #:  (816) 471-4991 ‎ · Website:


Address:   920 Main St #230, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 474-4583 ‎ · Website:

Weiss Staffing Solutions LLC 

Address:   1045 Swift Ave, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 268-8952 ‎ · Website:

SOS Staffing Services 

Address:   4264 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 455-0304 ‎ · Website:

Agri Associates 

Address:   116 W 47th St # 205, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 531-7980 ‎ · Website:

Landajob Inc 

Address:   222 W Gregory Blvd, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 523-1881 ‎ · Website:

Resources In Food 

Address:   4901 Main St # 230, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 756-3233 ‎ · Website:


Address:       1508 N Chouteau Trfy, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 241-8825 ‎ · Website:

Spartan Staffing 

Address:   7287 N Oak Trafficway, Gladstone, MO

Phone #:  (816) 468-8787 ‎ · Website:

College Nannies Kansas City Nanny And Babysitting Services 

Address:   14050 NW 64th Pl, Parkville, MO

Phone #:  (816) 256-5907 ‎ · Website:

Corporate Personnel & Associates Inc. 

Address:   851 NW 45th St #305, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 454-4080 ‎ · Website:

Crown Services Temporary Personnel 

Address:   3316 Broadway St, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 931-3222 ‎ · Website:

J M Neil Associates Inc 

Address:   9734 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 941-4997 ‎ · Website:

Secretary At Law 

Address:   1627 Main St # 400, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 221-4777 ‎ · Website:

Stivers Staffing Services 

Address:   8320 N Oak Trafficway, Kansas City, MO

Phone #:  (816) 436-0220 ‎ · Website: