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Do Men Really Earn More than Women

Gender difference has always stood as a reason for defining the job role and so the salary. So, definitely the difference between pay scales of men and women in obvious. Well, the good thing is that if we compare the overall situation, there difference in annual pay of men and women is very slight, however, on comparing the industry specific stats the difference is huge.

Let’s have a look at overall stats first:


Now looking at the details, it’s seen that 22 is the normal age when both men and women start their jobs whereby men are hired on slightly higher pay than that of women. Then women’s pay starts outranking men till the age of 30, whereby women are at their career peak. It’s observed that women get engaged into household more by this age (i.e. have children and house hold responsibilities) due to which the focus on career starts declining. This is the same age whereby men again start outranking women in pay and then keep on going. Men’s pay keeps on growing and then stops at the age of 48 while for women it’s 9 years early, i.e. at 39. Check the image below for better understanding:


When there comes the difference between annual pay, there stands different in career choices and expertise as well, i.e. some careers are dominated by men while others are by women.