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Cleveland, Ohio Staffing Agencies & Employment Services

Cleveland, Ohio is an important business center. The city is home to the famous “The Cleveland Clinic” which is the largest private employer in the city and in the state of Ohio. U.S. News & World Report classifies it among America’s best hospitals.

The city of Cleveland is also well known for its vibrant art and culture, musical history, and beautiful parklands. The city is home to the corporate headquarters of many large companies and NASA maintains a facility in Cleveland, the Glenn Research Center. Cleveland is also a hub of firms operating in the fields of biotechnology and fuel cell research, and the city is among the top recipients of investment for biotech start-ups and research.

Technology is also a growing sector in Cleveland, and the city is gradually transitioning from a manufacturing-based economy to a health-tech-based economy.

A stable economy with sustainable growth in multiple sectors in Cleveland, OH makes up a competitive job market. There are a lot of new job opportunities in almost every field, however, finding and getting a good paying job in the city is not so easy. Though the job portals and social media have abundant job ads, landing a well-paying job requires more than just applying for the advertised jobs.

You must build your own professional network through LinkedIn to get in touch with potential employers as well as have your updated resume submitted to multiple staffing agencies in Cleveland. 

Recruitment and staffing agencies bridge the connection between job seekers and employers. Many employers prefer not to post ads for high paying jobs in mainstream media and rather forward the requirements to the staffing company they are working with. So, the recruitment agencies and job placement services that offer staffing solutions have access to a larger and better pool of jobs. This is why if you have your latest resume with any of these agencies, chances of landing a higher paying jobs are significantly higher.

To make it easy for you, this page lists all major Cleveland staffing agencies and employment services providers in one place with their contact details, so you can speed up your local job search in the city or anywhere else in Ohio.

Some of these agencies may also help you with quantifying your resume, creating a great cover letter, job interview questions, salary negotiation tips, and a guide on how to appear in a job interview to get the position.

Make your job search easy yet most effective with the help of recruitment agencies and staffing solutions providers in Cleveland, OH. 

If you are an employer or a startup owner looking to build a team of high performers, you can also find the best staffing solutions service through this list. 

List of Staffing Agencies in Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Area Temps 

Address:   1228 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 781-5350 ‎ · Website:

Cuyahoga County Employment Center 

Address:   1020 Bolivar Rd, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:      (216) 664-4673 ‎ Website:     ·

Cleveland Business Consultant 

Address:   526 Superior Ave E #1111, Cleveland, OH


Phone #:  (216) 781-5300 ‎ · Website:

Major Legal Services, LLC 

Address:   1301 E 9th St #1414, Cleveland, OH

Galleria at Erieview

Phone #:  (216) 579-9782 ‎ · Website:

Staffing Solutions Enterprises 

Address:   5915 Landerbrook Dr #100, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (440) 461-1652 ‎ · Website:

Towards Employment Inc 

Address:   1255 Euclid Ave #300, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 696-5750 ‎ · Website:

Employer’s Choice 

Address:   55 Public Square, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 575-5300 ‎ · Website:

Area Temps 

Address:   5805 Pearl Rd, Parma, OH

Phone #:  (440) 842-2100 ‎ · Website:

Champion Staffing 

Address:   13201 Granger Rd, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 823-5900 ‎ · Website:

Stanley Staffing Inc 

Address:   5400 Transportation Blvd #12A, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (440) 887-8367 ‎ · Website:

Kelly Services 

Address:   1300 E 9th St #101, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 771-2800 ‎ · Website:


Address:   1300 E 9th St #1802, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 771-6366 ‎ · Website:

Professional Placement Services 

Address:   6285 Pearl Rd, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (440) 842-7133 ‎ · Website:

Midland Consultants 

Address:   7261 Engle Rd, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (440) 234-1800 ‎ · Website:

CSU Career Services Center 

Address:   2121 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH


Phone #:  (216) 687-2233 ‎ · Website:

Linking Employment Abilities 

Address:   2545 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 696-2716 ‎ · Website:

Express Employment Professionals 

Address:   5348 Broadview Rd, Parma, OH

Phone #:  (216) 459-2800 ‎ · Website:

Technical Search Consultants 

Address:   1111 Superior Ave E, Cleveland, OH

Greater Cleveland Volunteers 

Address:   4614 Prospect Ave, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 391-9500 ‎ · Website:


Address:   9500 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Clinic Dermatology

Phone #:  (216) 444-0822 ‎ · Website:

J J Delong & Associates 

Address:   1422 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 861-4727 ‎

LGC Associates LLC 

Address:   850 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 589-0745 ‎ · Website:

Robert Half Technology 

Address:   1300 E 9th St #1802, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 621-6633 ‎ · Website:

The Reserves Network 

Address:   22021 Brookpark Rd, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (440) 779-1400 ‎ · Website:

Vocational Guidance Services 

Address:   2239 E 55th St, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 431-7800 ‎ · Website:

Littler Mendelson P.C. 

Address:   1100 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 696-7600 ‎ Website:     ·


Address:   526 Superior Ave E #1545, Cleveland, OH


Phone #:  (216) 664-1300 ‎ · Website:

Tempest, Inc. 

Address:   8510 Bessemer Ave, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 883-6500 ‎ · Website:

Select Staffing 

Address:   1185 Rockside Rd, Parma, OH

Phone #:  (216) 398-6410 ‎ · Website:

Employment Connection 

Address:   9830 Lorain Ave, Cleveland, OH

Phone #:  (216) 939-2599 ‎ · Website:

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