Landing A Job In The Game Development Industry

What Exactly Is Game Development

It is the art of creating a game, which involves everything from coming up with an idea for a game to creating the artwork and writing the code, as well as to fixing bugs. It also involves launching the video game so people can buy and/or play it. Anybody who creates games can be considered a game developer, regardless of what their job is on the team that is creating the game. Read More

5 Places to Get Better Email Marketing Jobs & Potentially High Paying Clients

If you are an online marketer for more than six months, you might have noticed that email marketing is thriving in a troubled economy. This is mainly because everyone has one or more free email addresses which they use at least once a day and it’s a golden opportunity for businesses to connect to potential customers and active clients over the email. Read More

Monetizing Your Time on Facebook; an Option to Earn Online Easily

Making money using Facebook will surely be of interest of most of the people, however, most of the people don’t know how and what exactly to do, so here it goes with a quick overview of possible ways to generate income from Facebook; Read More

Where to Find Forum Posting Jobs?

We’ve already discussed how you can make forum posting as a source of income.  While participating in and enjoying your favorite discussions, you can make some good money. Once you try the options discussed in that article, you might want to explore more options with which you can increase the revenue stream, so you must look for forum posting jobs. Read More

Earn with Online Discussion Boards & Make Use of Free Time

make money with forum posting

If you’re free these days and are looking to spend some quality time online, joining online discussion boards/forums is no doubt a great idea. It’s not just about participating in discussions to acquire and share knowledge but it can be a good earning opportunity too. Let’s see how: Read More

25 Home Based Businesses & Jobs That Can Earn You More Than You Think


During recession or else in growing economy, working from home is always a great option. At one end it saves your traveling time and cost and on other you get extra time to work, enjoy or rest. According to an estimate you save fuel of about 50,000 PKR to 75,000 PKR per year working from home (The speed with which fuel prices are increasing, this amount will go beyond these estimates).

In this scenario, when you need spend money with a great care, thinking about work from home jobs can really save you. Let’s check out what are the highest paying home based options without investment or else with smaller investment.

Read More

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