7 Smart Ideas For Freelancers To Keep Up Their Motivation Levels

Freelancing is a great career option to explore if you have the right skills. Professionals in creative fields like writing, graphic designing, and web development have countless opportunities to work as freelancers rather than doing a regular 9-to-5 job.

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Job Options with Degree in Health Administration

If you are someone who is already working in Healthcare sector in an administration or management role, a degree in Health Administration can unlock a great deal of opportunities for career growth for you.

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Why You Must Get the Details of the Benefit Package Before Taking the Job

When you attend an interview with a company that is offering you a great position and the salary is good, it is vital to ask about the benefits package before you accept the job offer. Employment benefits may comprise forty percent or more of your entire compensation package. It is therefore essential that you know the kind of benefits you will get. Benefits are a great predictor of whether you will enjoy your job or not. Read More

Restaurant Management 101: 10 Things to Never Do At Work

There are 10 things that can damage your image and reputation in restaurant management. These are things that everyone does, and that no one may condemn you for. They may even be considered acceptable in today’s society. But, if you do these things you will find that they do matter when it comes time to pick the next manager. Read More

Restaurant Managers: Don’t Apply Unless You Know The Job!

Many people graduate a course on restaurant management without really understanding the full scope of the job. There is more than theory to managing a restaurant.  You may be able to do every job on the floor. You may have run a kitchen, purchased, and managed your shift on the floor. You may even have leadership and management education. But do you know why no one will offer you the job you feel overqualified to do? Read More

Are You Working With the Right Recruitment Firm?

Not all headhunters are skilled enough to land you a job. Not all Recruitment firms have the right Clients to help Candidates move up the management ladder.  That said, most Hospitality Candidates do not learn this until they have invested a few months trying to find a job with no results. Read More

Workomotion.com Review; My Experience with the Platform

Lately, I was contacted by Mr. Mark Perez from Workomotion with an invitation to join the network. I also saw some buzz in the news about Workomotion.com Recruiting and thought to explore the platform myself. So, I took the time to register on the site and started using the platform; interestingly, I found it quite helpful especially for the people looking for top-level positions. Read More

How to Improve Your Managerial Skills Playing Chess

Lately, a friend of mine suggested to learn and play chess as it can be a great help to excel in my corporate career while having fun. So, I signed up at Chessable; an online platform for chess learners and enthusiasts to learn and improve their game. Recently, I got a book by John Bartholomew on the Scandinavian opening (I chose to start with Scandinavian opening because it is considered to be easy to learn and worth trying out for beginners and club level players). It’s hardly been a week that I am learning to play chess and I can see the results, i.e. how my mind started thinking differently. Read More

4 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting that Big Promotion

When aiming for a job promotion, you can’t just rely on luck.

While some seem to advance in their careers despite themselves (yes, we’re talking about the bosses’ son here), there are various tried and true ways by which you can increase your chances of getting promoted. Read More

3 Tips for Starting Your Career in IT Successfully

Information Technology is among the most misunderstood areas there are. Most therapists and counselors don’t have any idea what these job titles mean, and even a career counselor is often surprisingly ignorant about IT careers. They know very little about what one does in a job in the field, and what it takes to be one of these professionals. This is a shame, because while maybe someone could succeed in IT without trying too hard in the 1990s, it’s definitely not the case now. Read More