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Bedford, Bedfordshire Employment Agencies

Bedford is certainly a good place to work and live in and the best part is the affordability which is way better here as compared to big cities like London. According to the “Cost of Living Plus Rent Index” to compare the cost of living, you would need around 3,107.85£ in Bedford to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 4,800.00£ in London, considering you rent in both cities.

Consumer Prices in Bedford are 15.56%, rent is almost 60.93%, restaurant prices are 3.62%, and grocery prices are 16.93% lower than in London.

Bedford is a historic market town and the county town of Bedfordshire, England that offers its residents a great community as well as a host of exciting amenities. The town offers a very good quality of life, various job opportunities, and a reliable and robust transport network that connects the town with the rest of the country. 

Moreover, with over 50 ethnicities in the town, Bedford is one of the most culturally diverse towns of its size in the United Kingdom. This cultural diversity offers a great way to learn from various cultures and also offers a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities that cater to the needs of a specific audience.

If you are based in Bedford or nearby and conducting a local job search, or you are based in another city and looking to find and get a job in a new city, do not rely entirely on the traditional job search. The local sections of the best international job sites are great resources for finding relevant jobs, you must also know that not all high-paying jobs are advertised on job portals and social media.

Many employers outsource staffing and hiring processes to the recruitment agencies and employment service providers who source them the best candidates.

Finding employment agencies in Bedford, Bedfordshire can be quite a time-consuming affair. To make things easier for you, this page lists all major recruitment agencies and employment services providers in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England.

Employment agencies listed with their quick contact details will surely speed up your job search and having your resume with multiple agencies will increase your chances of landing a better job.

This list of employment agencies in Bedford is equally useful for startups, business managers, and hiring departments of organizations to find the best talent, and build a team of high performers.

List of Employment Agencies in Bedford, England

BSS Recruitment 

Address:   Victoria House, 70A Tavistock St, Town Centre, Bedford MK40 2RP

Phone #:  01234 271660 ‎ –Website:

Evolve Recruitment Bedford Ltd 

Address:   33 Harpur Street, BedfordMK40 1LA

Phone #:  01234 215000 ‎ –Website:

Placing People Bedford Ltd 

Address:   70 St Loyes St, BedfordMK40 1EZ

Phone #:  01234 327272 ‎ –Website:

AllStaff Recruitment Solutions 

Address:   Wolseley Rd, Kempston, Woburn Road Industrial Estate, Bedford MK42

Phone #:  01234 273232 –Website:

HRL Higgins Recruitment Ltd 

Address:    75A High St, Bedford, MK40 1NE

Phone #:  01234 328446 –Website:

Shepherd Stubbs Ltd 

Address:   54 St Loyes St, BedfordMK40 1EZ

Phone #:  01234 269191 –Website:

M E M Recruitment 

Address:   8A Mill St, Town Centre, Bedford MK40 3HD

Phone #:  01234 352732 ‎ –Website:

Advancing People Ltd 

Address:   Dombey Court, Pilgrim Centre, Brickhill Drive, BedfordMK41 7PZ

Phone #:  01234 268012 ‎-Website:

1st Choice Recruitment 

Address:   8 St Loyes St, BedfordMK40 1EP

Phone #:  01234 210025 ‎ –Website:

Premier Associates 

Address:   70 Tavistock St, BedfordMK40 2RP

Phone #:  01234 219220 ‎ –Website:

Blue Arrow 

Address:   44 Allhallows, Town Centre, Bedford MK40 1LN

Phone #:  01234 217001 ‎ –Website:

Osborne Appointments 

Address:   Mayfair House/Lurke St, Bedford MK40 3HZ

Phone #:  01234 347069 ‎ –Website:

A S Professional Services Ltd 

Address:   20C Miller Rd, BedfordMK42 9NZ

Phone #:  01234 326000 ‎ –Website:

Simply Education Ltd 

Address:    Manton Ln, BedfordMK41 7PH

Phone #:  01234 216199 ‎ –Website: ·

DMS Computer Recruitment 

Address:   1 Union St, BedfordMK40 2SF

Phone #:  01234 214571 ‎ –Website:

Clifford Sells Ltd 

Address:   Bedford Business Centre, St Peters St, BedfordMK40 2PR

Phone #:  01234 355522 ‎ –Website:

Know How Ltd 

Address:   Spaces Business ParkElstow RdKempston, Bedford MK42 8PL

Phone #:  01234 262627 ‎ –Website:

Alliance Consulting 

Address:   Suite A2, Spaces Business Centre, Elstow Rd, BedfordMK42 8PL

Phone #:  01234 355311 ‎ –Website:

Orchid National Nursing Supply Ltd 

Address:   BedfordMK40 2RP, United Kingdom

Phone #:  01234 248960 ‎-Website:


Address:    Bedford I-Lab, Priory Business Park, Stannard Way, Bedford MK44 3RZ

Phone #:  01234 834753 ‎ –Website:


Address:   11 Greyfriars, Bedford MK40 1HJ

Phone #:  01234 358844 ‎ –Website:

Tradeline Recruitment 

Address:   21G SaturnFacilitiesBedfordHeights, Manton Ln, Bedford MK41

Phone #:  01234 332960 –Website:

Abacus Consulting 

Address:   38 Mill St, Bedford, MK40 3HD

Phone #:  01234 831005 ‎ –Website:


Address:   1-3 Bedford Rd, Great Barford, Bedford MK44 3JD

Phone #:  01234 870420 –Website:

Verifile China 

Address:    Bedford i-Lab, Stannard Way, PrioryBusinessPark, Bedford MK44 3RZ

Phone #:  01234 834670 ‎ –Website:

Driver Hire Bedford 

Address:   38 Mill St, Bedford, MK40 3HD

Phone #:  0845 058 0385 ‎ –Website:

Healthcare Capital UK Ltd 

Address:   44-46 Bunyan Rd, Bedford MK42 8HL

Phone #:  0845 634 3881 ‎

Lexa HR Consultancy Ltd 

Address:    38 Mill St, Bedford, MK40 3HD

Phone #:  01234 245542 ‎-Website:

D R S Direct Ltd 

Address:   Broadway News, 11 The Broadway, Bedford MK40 2TE

Phone #:  01234 340482 ‎ –Website:

Workplace Doctors 

Address:   51 Honey Hill Rd, BedfordMK40 4NS

Phone #:  01234 305254 ‎ –Website:

Specialist Recruitment Partners 

Address:   KnowledgeCentreWybostonLakes, Great North Rd, Wyboston, Bedford MK44 3BY

Phone #:  01480 471068 ‎ –Website:

Sales Recruitment Services 

Address:   BedfordMK42 5BD, United Kingdom

Phone #:  01234 826450 ‎

Access Europe HR Ltd 

Address:   70B High St, BedfordMK40 1NN

Phone #:  01234 218181 ‎ –Website:

2B Interface 

BedfordHeights, Brickhill Dr, BedfordMK41 7PH

Phone #:  01234 272792 ‎

Alfa IT Recruitment Ltd 

Address:   10 Stephenson Court/Fraser Rd/Priory Business Pk, BedfordMK44 3WH

Phone #:  01234 831567 ‎ –Website:

Barton Petroleum Ltd 

Address:   Highfield Rd, Oakley, Bedford MK43 7TA

Phone #:  01234 822488 ‎ –Website:

Reliance care agency limited 

Address:   87 The Boundary, Bedford MK41 9HA

Phone #:  01234 340774 (Fax) ‎ –Website:

Aptus Personnel Ltd 

Address:   30 Brunel Rd, BedfordMK41 9TJ

Phone #:  01234 345515 ‎

Social Work Inc 

Address:   Suite A/Union St, BedfordMK40 2SF

Phone #:  01234 365659 ‎

Argyle Partnership 

Address:   Recruitment for Solicitors, Clifton House, Goldington Road, BedfordMK45 3DD

Phone #:  01234 343324 ‎ –Website:

DMS Computer Recruitment 

Address:   23 Stanhope Rd, BedfordMK41 8BU

Phone #:  01234 214571 ‎ –Website:

IT Connections Limited 

Address:   The Saturn Centre, BedfordHeights, Manton Lane, Bedford, UKMK41 7PH

Phone #:  01234 363696 ‎ –Website:

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