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Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer Job Profile; Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Requirements

Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer resume may not attract hiring manager and fail to get attention if skills and abilities have not been mentioned properly. To make your Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer resume perfect, you must mention knowledge, skills and abilities Essentially required for a professional Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer.

If this is your first resume writing experience or it is a tweak in your resume, you must collect complete list of skills required to be Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer, then analyze which skills and abilities you have. Quote your finest Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer skills on resume along with required qualification for the job and a perfect Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer resume is all ready.

Below is the list of all the skills needed for a variety of Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer jobs. Review the listed skills, abilities and required knowledge , find what you are best at and improve your resume now.


  • Practical knowledge of how to maintain catapults, arresting gear, and associated mechanical, hydraulic, and control systems involved primarily in aircraft carrier takeoff and landing operations.
  • Working knowledge of maintaining readiness and safety of arresting gear, launching equipment, barricades, and visual landing aid systems planning and coordinating the design, development, and testing of launch and recovery systems.
  • Knowledge of preparing specifications for catapult and arresting gear installations; evaluating design proposals; determining handling equipment needed for new aircraft; preparing technical data and instructions for operation of landing aids; and training personnel in carrier takeoff and landing procedures.
  • Air traffic control management.
  • Complete command over the operational procedures for air traffic control.
  • Expert know how of communications and radar procedures.
  • Aircraft recognition.
  • Complete command over take-off, landing, and ground control procedures.


  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Equipment Operation & Maintenance
  • Math & Science Skills
  • Technology Design & Control
  • Leadership


  • Control over nerves while doing hazardous tasks at times even in peacetime.
  • Be able to work in extreme conditions.


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